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Category: Edition 2022

Basile is six years old and has just lost his Grandmother. He already misses his Grandma's delicious cookies. When evening comes, Basile finds her hiding under his bed! Together, they decide to prepare some new cookies.

Original Title Les Biscuits de Mamy
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 13'
Production Year 2022
Nationality Belgium
Directed by Frits Standaert
Screenplay Sabine De Vos
Animation Hilaire Van Den Broeck, Frits Standaert, Shannen Slambrouck
Production Design Shannen Slambrouck
Sound Renaud Watine
Music Sam Vloemans
Graphic Design Emilie Lauwers
Original Voices Jaidee Paganini, Carine Seront
Produced by Arnaud Demuynck (Les Films du Nord)

Headshot 1f43c9c2bc headshotFrits Standaert 

Born in 1964 in Gand (Belgium), he graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Ghent, Belgium, in 1986 and now shares his time between directing, animating, producing and teaching. He has made many successful adverts and short animated films. He is the head of the animation department of the RITCS School of Arts in Brussels, where he has taught animation since 2003. He has been the manager of the Eyeland Animation Studio in Ghent since 2013, which is specialized in children’s films.

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