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Category: Edition 2022

An armadillo listens to the singing frogs and a dream arises in him: to sing. Maybe the Great Wizard could help him? 

Original Title El charango
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 3’ 26’
Production Year 2022
Nationality Italy
Directed by Paola Luciani
Screenplay Silvano Valci
Produced by Silvano Valci

Headshot 4d9e0599d0 headshotPaola Luciani

Born in Rome in 1964, after graduating from high school in Applied Arts in Rieti, she attended the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome with a scholarship, obtaining a specialization in Animation Cinema. Since 1990 she has worked with animation studios involved in television and film productions. She was a member of the "Matita Animata" company and of the "Luci della città" cultural association in Rome. Since 2004 she has worked on animated short films, illustrations, commercials and music videos. She also taught in workshops both in schools and at festivals. Her films, including ROPE, THE CHOICE, ISLAND and EVERYTHING CHANGES, were selected in important national and international festivals. Paola has participated in solo and group exhibitions with canvases, illustrations and videos. She made 3 murals and exhibited her illustrations in the town of Gmünd in Kärnten in Austria. She painted large-format theatrical sets for the “Gruppo Alcuni” in Treviso. She is co-author, with Laura Simeoni, of the illustrated book of poems A come Meraviglia and author and illustrator of the book La scatola arancione. She collaborated on the "Love Animals" project with the musician Alessandra Celletti, creating two animated short films and illustrations for the box containing DVD and CD.

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Paola Luciani
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