GIFFONI50PLUS - 21.31 JULY 2021



Category: Edition 2021

Nati and Ludovica, a couple of teenage friends, work as waiters in a restaurant located in the middle of a wood. One evening, a well-dressed man arrives with a bewildered look. It's Michael, a former music professor who hasn't been seen in town for a long time. The man takes up the violin and passionately plays an old song that represents the only memory of his first love of which he has lost all the photographs. The two friends have an idea: to put on a blog that can reconstruct Michael's lost memories through the collaboration of users. The blog becomes a great success and brings an unexpected surprise to Michael's memory and to the two friends’ lives.
CONNECTIONS shows the extraordinary opportunity offered by the connection that allows you to go beyond the limits of time and space, putting people in contact, rediscovering lost ones, weaving new relationships and old bonds together. And finally, revealing all the beauty and intensity of the bonds.

Original Title Connessioni
Category Out of competition
Section Giffoni Entertainment
Tipology Short Film
Production Year 2021
Nationality Italy
Directed by Luca Apolito
Production Giffoni Opportunity, Giffoni Innovation Hub

Luca ApolitoLuca Apolito

Luca Apolito was born in Salerno in 1978. Since 1999 he has worked for the GFF. After being one of the animators of Movie Days, today he mainly deals with video productions and is one of the festival programmers.

Giffoni Opportunity
Giffoni Innovation Hub