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Category: Edition 2021

Nour is a Syrian girl, separated from her family and forced to flee from the war, who manages to reach the coast of Lampedusa. The island is a place of arrival for immigrants, for those who manage to arrive, while others drown or die. Doctor Pietro Bartolo is struck by the story of Nour, left without her mother, and decides to take care of the girl.

Original Title Nour
Category Out of competition
Section Parental Experience
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 92'
Production Year 2019
Nationality Italy
Directed by Maurizio Zaccaro
Screenplay Monica Zapelli, Maurizio Zaccaro, Imma Vitelli
Based on the book "Lacrime di sale" by Pietro Bartolo and Lidia Tilotta
Director of photography Fabio Olmi
Editor Paola Freddi
Production Design Gaspare De Pascali
Costume Design Laura Costantini
Sound Alessandro Feletti
Music Alessio Vlad
Main cast Sergio Castellitto
Linda Mresy
Raffaella Rea
Valeria D'Obici
Thierry Toscan
Fabio Bussotti
Produced by Donatella Palermo, Elisabetta Olmi

Maurizio Zaccaro

In 1992 Maurizio Zaccaro won the David di Donatello for best new director with the film DOVE COMINCIA LA NOTTE and the Solinas award for the screenplay of L’ARTICOLO 2. He got five nominations and a David di Donatello with IL CARNIERE (1997) and UN UOMO PERBENE (1999). From 2000 to 2011 he also directed several fiction and documentaries, including IL PICCOLO, UN FOGLIO BIANCO, ADELANTE PETROLEROS - L’ORO NERO DELL’ECUADOR, LA FELICITÀ UMANA. NOUR, his most recent film, is based on the book Lacrime di sale written by Pietro Bartolo, a physician from Lampedusa.

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