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Category: Edition 2021

Bad Seeds takes us to a bizarre world populated by carnivorous plants that can change shapes the way a chameleon changes colours. The veteran director of CARFACE deftly connects growth with rivalry and evolution with competition, crafting an increasingly shocking duel that’s peppered with allusions to the western, the Cold War, board games, and much more.

Original Title Mauvaises herbes
Category Official Competition
Section Parental Control
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 6' 22"
Production Year 2020
Nationality Canada
Directed by Claude Cloutier
Screenplay Claude Cloutier
Editor Guillaume Fortin
Sound Olivier Calvert
Music Robert Marcel Lepage
Original Voices Claude Cloutier
Produced by Galilé Marion-Gauvin (L’Unité centrale), Julie Roy (NFB)
Production Unité Centrale, National Film Board of Canada

Headshot 2758445d20 headshotClaude Cloutier

Claude Cloutier originally gained fame as a comic-book artist and cartoonist, penning the series La légende des Jean-Guy, which appeared in the 1980s in Croc magazine, and Gilles la Jungle contre Méchant-Man, first published in 1989 and reissued 2014. He went on to make several animation films: THE PERSISTENT PEDDLER (1988; in competition at Cannes), OVERDOSE (1994), and FROM THE BIG BANG TO TUESDAY MORNING (2000). In 2002 he won a Gémeaux award for the series SCIENCE PLEASE! In 2007 he directed SLEEPING BETTY, a hilarious parody of the Perrault fairy tale, which won some twenty awards including both the Genie and the Jutra for best animated short. He next made THE TRENCHES (2010), about Canadian soldiers in World War I. In 2014 he completed INTERFÉRENCE, part of the Free Jafar Panahi! project. His CARFACE (2015) marked a return to the cartoon spirit. The film was selected in Giffoni Film Festival 2015.

Unité Centrale
National Film Board of Canada 

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