GIFFONI50PLUS - 21.31 JULY 2021



Category: Edition 2021

A little Penguin is visited by his friend Whale every year, until one day the Penguin has nowhere else to go: the Glaciers have melted due to the extreme global warming that increases every year. The Whale begins its journey in search of a glacier where his friend Penguin can live, but day after day, the heat prevents him from arriving in time with the solution. Perhaps, by working as a team with other animals, he may achieve his mission.

Original Title El pingüino y la ballena
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 2' 40"
Production Year 2020
Nationality Argentina
Directed by Ezequiel Torres, Pablo R. Roldán
Screenplay Ezequiel Torres, Pablo R. Roldán
Director of photography Pablo Cuello
Animation Ezequiel Torres, Juan Pedro Ramos, Camila Strusa
Music Puerto, Ker Sound
Produced by Ruby Valls
Production Rudo Company

Headshot c33a8e8708 headshotEzequiel Torres, Pablo Roldán

Ezequiel Torres and Pablo Rafael Roldán are the founders and directors of Rudo Company, an animation studio. They started doing design and animation for advertising. Nowadays they manage animation projects for videoclips, short films and feature films. On the other hand, they have a more creative and free side, where they rescue their indie spirit. In 2017 they made the video THE WOLF, which has 60 million views on YouTube. To this day, they continue to develop stories and create pieces with different universes and technical explorations.

Rudo Company 

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