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Category: Edition 2021

In the 1990s, a little boy lives in Burundi with his father, a French entrepreneur, his Rwandan mother and his little sister. He spends his time causing trouble with his classmates until civil war breaks out, putting an end to his childhood innocence.

Original Title Petit Pays
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +18
Tipology Feature Film
Nationality Belgium, France
Directed by Éric Barbier
Screenplay Éric Barbier
Based on the novel "Petit Pays" by Gael Faye
Director of photography Antoine Sanier
Editor Jennifer Augé
Production Design Pierre Renson
Costume Design Laurence Esnault
Sound Jean Minondo, Ken Yasumoto
Make up Ferouz Zaafour
Music Renaud Barbier
Main cast Jean-Paul Rouve
Isabelle Kabano
Djibril Vancoppenolle
Delya de Medina
Tao Monladja
Ruben Ruhanamilindi
Brian Gakwavu
Kenny Hubawiwe
Nelson Mbembe
Produced by Eric Jehelmann, Philippe Rousselet, Jérôme Salle
Production Jerico (France)

REGISTA PETIT PAYS J13 327 RET sRVB Julien PaniÉric Barbier

He directed THE SNAKE (2006), THE LAST DIAMOND (2014), NOT ON MY WATCH (The Promise of Dawn, 2017). SMALL COUNTRY: AN AFRICAN CHILDHOOD is his most recent film.

Director’s statement
“I know that there are writers who refuse to be adapted. They want to keep their story neutral in the imagination of readers and in their own. I did not hesitate too long and what made me decide to accept the principle of an adaptation, what motivated me, was to observe that we did not exist in world cinema, in the public's imagination. When I say "we" I mean this part of the world, my home country. Burundi, Rwanda, is an unknown land. Only clichés survive: violence and war. We don't know people, we don't know the intimacy of what they experience and think. It was important to adapt this story for this reason. Cinema is much more powerful and popular than literature to make a world recognized".

Jerico (France) 

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The Festival Agency (France) 

International distribution
Pathé Films (France)