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Category: Edition 2021

When his father, who went to Russia to work, is unable to send money home for a long time, Ahmet starts to work after school in a mini-market in a luxury site, near the shanty neighbourhood where he lives with his mother and his brother. Falling in love with his classmate Kezban, Ahmet decides to learn how to play basketball when he finds her interest in Erhan, who came to school one day with basketball equipment and clothes. However, there is an important problem to solve; there is no basketball court in their neighbourhood where they can play basketball. Ahmet tries to find a way to overcome this barrier.

Original Title Pota
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 95'
Production Year 2021
Nationality Turkey
Directed by Ahmet Toklu
Screenplay Ahmet Toklu
Director of photography Ender Ercan
Editor Özgür Kiliç
Costume Design Gözde Büşra Sanri
Sound Bora Kasirga
Make up And Hair Ethem Özcan
Music Kenan İşan
Main cast Alp Akar
Sibel Melek Arat
Bahar Hacibektaşoğlu
Burhan Yildiz
Özgür Dereli̇
Egemen Almaci
Mert Erdoğdu
Mehmet Halil Çeli̇k
Sait Yüksel
Samet Sevtekin
Miraç Çelen
Produced by Halil Kardaş, Recep Toklu
Production Toklu Production (Turkey/Turchia), Filmcode Production (Turkey)

Ahmet Toklu DIRECTOR THE HOOPAhmet Toklu

Ahmet Toklu was born in Istanbul in 1987. He graduated from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Cinema-Television Department in 2011. With his scripts "Confrontation" (2009) and "The Return of Eylül" (2011) he won two awards for the "Best of Short Film Screenplay” at the The Short Film Scenario competitions, co-organized by the Türksak Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. With his short film NURSING HOME (2015) he competed in many festivals including Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival and Akbank Short Film Festival. Since 2009 he has been working as an assistant director in various television series and film projects. Ahmet is also one of the founders of Film Arası (one of the leading cinema magazines in Turkey) and the author of the book A Tired Warrior; Halit Refiğ, about the Turkish director Halit Refiğ.

Director’s statement
“The famous Russian poet and scriptwriter Vilademir Mayakovski says "If you are going to tell a story, tell the story of your own street first". I wanted to focus on the streets where I grew up and on my childhood memories in my first feature-length screenplay. [...] My childhood passed in a slum district in Umraniye. I was in a group of friends from different regions of the country and from different cultures, but melting in the same pot. Sites were starting to rise in our neighborhood where the urban transformation had just begun.
[...] At that time, when I started to face the facts of life, the most important event that affected me was experiencing the class difference among the children in the street at the basketball game. In those years, we tried to overcome the despair caused by inequality through the friendship and solidarity between us. I built the sub-texts which shaped the story and based the story on these feelings. I tried to create a fiction universe out of real human stories.”

Toklu Production (Turkey)
Filmcode Production (Turkey)

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Digital 104 (Spain)