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Category: Edition 2021

13-year-old Ramin Mehdipour and his Iranian family have been living in a refugee centre in Finland. Just as Ramin starts to enjoy the school holidays, the family receives the terrible news their asylum application has been denied. The Mehdipours file a final appeal, and they continue with their everyday lives, trying to keep a positive attitude despite the looming danger of deportation. As Ramin starts the new school year, every moment, every friendship will be more precious than ever.

Original Title Ensilumi
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +13
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 82'
Production Year 2020
Nationality Finland
Directed by Hamy Ramezan
Screenplay Hamy Ramezan, Antti Rautava
Director of photography Arsen Sarkisiants
Editor Joona Louhivuori
Production Design Kari Kankaanpää
Costume Design Kirsi Gum
Sound Svante Colerus
Music Tuomas Nikkinen, Linda Arnkil
Main cast Aran-Sina Keshvari
Shahab Hosseini
Shabnam Ghorbani
Kimiya Eskandari
Produced by Jussi Rantamäki, Emilia Haukka
Production Aamu Film Company (Finland)

ANY DAY NOW Director Hamy Ramezan FotoMeeri KoutaniemiHamy Ramezan

Hamy Ramezan is a Finnish-Iranian film director and screenwriter. Having fled persecution in Iran, and survived Yugoslav refugee camps as a young boy, Ramezan and his family arrived in Finland in 1990. He graduated from the film school at UCA Farnham in 2007 and has since completed several short films. His short film LISTEN (2015) premiered at Cannes Directors’ Fortnight 2015, has been screened at over 200 festivals and was nominated for Best Short Film at European Film Awards. ANY DAY NOW is his feature debut.

Director’s statement
“I tried to tell my truth, what happened to my family, but I learned cinema doesn’t work that way. Cinema demands truth, but cinematic truth has nothing to do with reality. You can’t put scene after scene your own experienced “truth” and assume you are telling an honest story. Cinema is a world of its own, it's a world with its own rules. The film has a balanced approach with facts and it is emotionally, cinematically, close to the truth.[...] Making ANY DAY NOW was a long and challenging project. I lost a lot, and I achieved a lot. The film was meant to be an intimate portrait of our journey because I missed those days. My life hasn’t been as exciting since that experience and I haven’t reached the same sense of belonging to my family and to other people in need, with the same intensity. During the writing process, I wrote many much darker versions of refugee life and despair that the only thing I wanted in the end, was to quit filmmaking. I went to the Greek island of Lesbos, went to the middle of the sea, and witnessed devastating tragedies, and I walked with Asylum seekers from Greece until Finland. I relived my childhood trip, even though very different and with the gaze of an adult seeing himself in every child. I recall those terrible days like yesterday; I didn’t want to write such awful stuff, but when I started, everything changed, I changed. Suddenly, I found myself in a place where my trauma was in search of its truth. During some of the hard times in my life, I learned that the world was a much brighter and more exciting place when I stopped categorizing myself. I became a better man. I love good films from all around the world, but I hope my life and who I become as an individual would affect my films – not other films per se. I have learned from Iranian masters a lot, and also from my Finnish colleagues. My university in England, Farnham UCA, was my foundation. They were my cinematic parents. UCA gave me a good solid foundation to become a good filmmaker. Now my producer Jussi is my mentor who guides me and helps me to adapt to an innovative and creative path. I situate myself in my heart and my mind; I get my influences from my family and friends. I love creativity and my work is the reflection of that. My name is Hamy Ramezan and I’m a filmmaker.”

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