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Category: Edition 2021

When Paul decides to give up his boring but steady office job as a banker, this does not go down well with his children. Their dad wants to pursue his dream and become an actor. Is it a burnout? A midlife crisis? When his ambitious wife Véronique comes home from yet another business trip and hears the news, there’s no telling where it will stop. The Schutijzers are a pleasantly disturbed family, but this is going a few bridges too far. According to Véronique, Paul must come to his senses. His youngest daughter Zoë is the only one who believes in her father. She encourages him and joins him in his adventure. What at first seems to be a ridiculous plan, doomed to fail and threatening to tear the whole Schutijzer family apart, ends up being a funny, exciting and moving journey that awakens and enchants the whole family.

Original Title Mijn Vader Is een Saucisse
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 83'
Production Year 2021
Nationality Belgium, Netherlands
Directed by Anouk Fortunier
Screenplay Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem
Based on the book "Mon père est une saucisse"
by Agnès de Lestrade
Director of photography Melle van Essen
Editor Get van Berckelaer, Joppe Van Den Brande
Production Design Philippe Bertin
Costume Design Valerie Le Roy
Sound Dirk Bombey
Make up Michelle Beeckman
Music Harry de Wit
Main cast Johan Heldenbergh
Savannah Vandendriessche
Hilde de Baerdemaeker
Jade de Ridder
Ferre Vuye
Chokri Ben Chikha
Frank Focketyn
Produced by Dries Phlypo, Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem

AnoukFortunier5 KrisDewitteAnouk Fortunier

Born in 1989, she studied both journalism and audiovisual arts. The short film DROLE D’OISEAU (2016), her graduation film at the Luca School of Arts, garnered several international festival selections and awards. Domestically, the film won the audience award at the Film Fest Gent and the VAF Wildcard and prize for best debut at the Short Film Festival Leuven. In 2017 she made the short documentary JORIS for Belgian broadcaster Canvas’ 4X7 project. Fortunier also gained a lot of experience in different positions in the cultural and audiovisual sector, including production assistant for Jaco Van Dormael’s LE TOUT NOUVEAU TESTAMENT and children’s coach for Gilles Coulier’s CARGO and Sahim Omar Kalifa’s ZAFROS. MY DAD IS A SAUSAGE is her first feature film. 

Director’s statement 
“Having been raised by non-conformist, pleasantly disturbed parents myself, it is perhaps no coincidence that I am drawn to characters who deviate from the norm. Although, like Fien in the story, I have so often wished that my parents would “finally start acting normal”, I have also learned that there is much beauty in coloring outside the lines. But it’s not an easy path: you have to be able to stand criticism, be willing to fall down and then get back up. 
For me, MY DAD IS A SAUSAGE shows these two sides: on the one hand, you understand the father who wakes up from a long sleep and suddenly wants to indulge himself creatively. But on the other hand you also understand the mother who, afraid that everything she has worked so hard on, would suddenly be destroyed by some selfish dream. And then you have Zoë, a bit trapped in the middle," who, like her brother and sister, doesn't feel quite right in her skin. She loves her father and believes in him, giving him the courage to persevere. But not only that: she ultimately causes her entire family to evolve from their vague, uncomfortable but balanced status quo to a warm nest, where there is once again listening to each other and everyone accepts each other's pleasantly disturbed side.
I read in the script of MY DAD IS A SAUSAGE that there is no manual for living a "correct" life. If there is enough love, then with a little luck everything can fall into place. Children in the audience, as well as moms and dads, should be able to identify with the characters while also accepting their shadow side.”

festival contact
A Private View (Belgium)

International distribution
Studio Hamburg Enterprises (Germany)