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Category: Generator +13

In 1960s Siegheilkirchen, a small town in the Austrian hinterland that is steeped in reactionary, ultra-Catholic attitudes, the son of a hard-working innkeeper – known as Snotty Boy to all and sundry – is at odds with the narrow-minded confines of his home town. But his unstoppable talent for drawing gives him an outlet for his dis-content as well as entertaining his schoolmates and exposing the town’s bigwigs in all their ridiculousness to a collective orgy of unashamed laughter, thus saving his beloved, the ravishingly pretty Mariolina, from malicious prosecution by a handful of political die-hards. A politically incorrect and funny animation, based on the life and work of illustrator and cartoonist Manfred Deix.

Original Title Rotzbub
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +13
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 85'
Production Year 2021
Nationality Austria, Germany
Directed by Santiago López Jover, Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Screenplay Martin Ambrosch
Editor Philipp Bittner
Animation Director Santiago López Jover
Music Gerd Baumann
Art Director Manfred Deix
Produced by Josef Aichholzer, Ernst Geyer
Production Filmbüro Münchner Freiheit (Germany), Aichholzer Filmproduktion (Austria)

SantiagoLopezJover Marcus H. Rosenmuller collageMarcus H. Rosenmüller

Born in Tegernsee, Bavaria in 1973, Markus H. Rosenmüller studied at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF München), shooting his graduation film HOTEL DEEPA in Pune, India. Rosenmüller made his feature film debut as director with WER FRÜHER STIRBT IST LÄNGER TOT (2006, GRAVE DECISIONS). This comedy about a mischievous boy from Upper Austria and his fear of purgatory drew cinema audiences of nearly two million in Germany. In 2011 Rosenmüller’s SOMMER IN ORANGE, a comedy about a group of Berlin Bhagwan devotees who move to a small provincial village in Upper Bavaria, hit the cinema screens. Rosenmüller had international success with the feature film TRAUTMANN (2018 THE KEEPER), in which David Kross played the role of the legendary German Manchester City goalkeeper Bert Trautmann. From 2020 Julia von Heinz and Marcus H. Rosenmüller have shared the chair in feature and TV films at the HFF München. ROTZBUB is the first animated movie that Markus has directed.

Santiago López Jover

Santiago López Jover (Valencia, November 28, 1980) is a director, animator, story-board artist and animation supervisor with more than fifteen years of experience in the animation industry. Having obtained a degree in Fine Arts, his training includes two master’s degrees in traditional animation and stop-motion, and various courses taught by prestigious international professionals such as Joanna Quinn, Alan Barillaro, Sergio Pablos and José Miguel Ribeiro. For several years he worked as an animator in the acclaimed Irish studio Cartoon Saloon, participating in the Oscar nominated projects SONG OF THE SEA and LATE AFTERNOON among others. He has also worked in other important European studios such as Ankama, Boulder Media, Hampa Studio and Arxanima. A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING with Tom Hanks, and THE PROPHET by Roger Allers are also notable productions in his CV as an animation professional.

Filmbüro Münchner Freiheit (Germany)

Aichholzer Filmproduktion (Austria) 

International distribution
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Picture Tree International (Germany)