Film edition 2021


Category: Generator +13

Émilie, a thirteen-year-old, has been placed in a youth protection group home. Confronted by strict new rules and the authoritarian presence of her case worker, she chooses to flee her new reality even if this means denying her own needs. All she wants is to fill her need for love even if this means returning at any cost to her egocentric mother Karine. Worse, the young girl is subjected to the bad influence of sixteen-year-old Ariel, her roommate with whom she gets into a lot of trouble. But each meeting Émilie has with Renaud, who gives her guitar lessons, are for her glimmers of hope. In this way, adolescent Émilie learns the art of resilience, progressively building confidence in herself.

Original Title Vacarme
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +13
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 77'
Production Year 2020
Nationality Canada
Directed by Neegan Trudel
Screenplay Jonatham Lemire, Neegan Trudel
Director of photography Philippe Roy
Editor Marianne Langston
Costume Design Charlotte Gandin
Sound Patrice LeBlanc
Make up Camille Rouleau
Music Maxime Fortin
Main cast Rosalie Pépin
Sophie Desmarais
Kelly Depeault
Rosalie Julien
Rudi Loup Duperré
Christophe Levac
Gabriel Verdier
Kimia Esfanhani
Jacques Beverley
Alexis Lefebvre
Produced by Line Sander Egede

NeeganTrudel by MaxDufaud web 4Neegan Trudel

Neegan Trudel is a director and screenwriter of the Wendat nation. After embarking on a 3-year journey around the world, he decided to specialize in the field of special effects and 3D animation. Looking for new tools and challenging ways to tell his stories, he completed the Cinema program from L'inis in 2017. In 2020, he finished his first feature film, Vacarme, with Tak Films, which has been nominated for the John Dunning Best First Feature Award at the Canadian Screen Awards in 2021. He is now developing and producing different documentaries in Cayenne Medias, an indigenous production company.

Director's statement
“I grew up witnessing the impact of music in the lives of some children from deprived backgrounds. Music propelled them in a positive direction, and it was after these encounters that I felt the urge to tell this story. We all meet people with different journeys from ours, who inspire and lead us to discover and build our identity. We have mentors and friends who push us and support us despite the ups and downs. For vulnerable children in many cases, all it takes is one person, a positive peer who can change the course of their life and help them build some form of resilience. But for a child to change his habits and become the master of his own trajectory, it takes great resilience and that is what we want to emphasize through Emilie's story. This resilience then becomes the ability to adapt and bounce back in the face of adversity. In Emilie's case, this resilience will allow her to make heartbreaking choices that will move her forward, despite the presence of destabilizing events, difficult living conditions and trauma. [...]With this film, we want to celebrate these people and their power. We want to show the audience what kind of resilience these children must have if they are to escape the vicious cycle of the environment in which they are caught. We want to show that these children cannot cope on their own and that the role models they meet are particularly important for their growth. We also want to look at the development of meaningful bonds that a young person can have with other adults in its environment. Through encounters, our main character has new anchors that allow her to get out of her bubble, build her identity and eventually take flight. [...]”

festival contact
Tak Films (Canada)