Film edition 2021


Category: Elements +10

MILA is a war story that takes on a child’s perspective. Inspired by World War II stories from the director’s mother, the character of Mila represents the best of humanity. Although she has lost everything – her family, her house, her peace – she still clings to hope. With a little more than imagination and humanity, Mila manages to profoundly impact others, including a caring stranger who saves her.

Original Title Mila
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 19' 50"
Production Year 2021
Nationality USA
Directed by Cinzia Angelini
Screenplay Cinzia Angelini
Director of photography Pepe Valencia, Oscar Lo
Editor Tim Denin, Ellery VanDooyeweert
FX supervisor Valerio Oss, Nate Barnard
Animation Eric Cheung
Sound Chris Pinkston
Music Flavio Gargano
Art Director Alexandra Kavalova, Richard Smitheman
Produced by Andrea Emmes
Production Pixel Cartoon, IbiscusMedia, Cinesite, Aniventure, PepperMax Films

Headshot 080b45660d headshotCinzia Angelini

Cinzia Angelini, a story artist and director, has collaborated with Imageworks, Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Dreamworks, and Illumination Ent. After writing and directing Mila, a high-quality CG short film produced by the largest independent, world-wide, virtual studio, she joined Cinesite to direct the animated feature film HITPIG.

Pixel Cartoon 

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Cinzia Angelini
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