Eni supports Verde Giffoni: the energy of the jurors to build a sustainable future

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Verde Giffoni is not only a brand, but above all a philosophical and humanistic path. The challenge is to set new stimuli in the cultural processes and in the people who will experience them. It is an innovative project synonymous with an ecology of thought, communication and action. A captivating challenge that many companies have already chosen to support, with the aim of accompanying young people towards a sustainable future and improving the living conditions of our planet together. Among these there is also Eni which will address the issues of energy and the circular economy with Giffoni.

The measure of how much sustainability is an integral part of the business in Eni is expressed in the new mission which, inspired by the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), highlights the values relating to the global challenges with which the company compares and towards which it is committed: access to energy, climate and environment, human rights, cooperation and partnerships for development.

Well aware of this, within its 2020-2023 action plan and in the long-term strategic plan to 2050, Eni has defined objectives to contribute directly or indirectly to the achievement of the 17 objectives. According to UN forecasts, the world population in 2040 will exceed 9 billion and the demand for energy will continue to grow, so Eni as a company in the sector feels a great responsibility and, in particular, is working to allow universal access to energy sources that are convenient and clean, to tackle climate change and contribute to the construction of an energy paradigm in which everyone - especially in areas such as Africa, characterized by a strong demographic growth - can access innovative and clean mixes.

The essential role that energy has for the achievement of primary needs, for the socio-economic development of countries, for environmental protection and international security, makes it a fundamental pivot for the achievement of other development objectives. The company will discuss all of this with the jurors, listening to the needs, opinions and suggestions of a new generation capable of looking at the planet with greater attention and care.