Giffoni's Cinema, the Movies Selection

Films are a fundamental part of the heart of our Festival.

The evaluation of the works presented to Giffoni goes beyond the normal target determined by critics, cinema’s insiders and the general audience.

The heads of the various sections are tasked with choosing the films. They watch several movies from all over the world, in several Italian and foreign film markets (Berlin, Cannes, etc.).

Still, what is the cinematic genre for children par excellence? Once again, our Festival answers with no prejudice: at Giffoni you can see comedies and dramas, adventure and existential films, documentaries and fictional stories.

Indeed, the freedom of Giffoni and its selectors is rooted on a shared belief: the way, therefore the form, in which stories are told is more powerful than any story and genre in itself.

The work for the final selection includes another step, which envisages teamwork for each and every section.

Finally, after a screening, it is traditional for the Giffoni Film Festival to have a moment to meditate and think. This moment, which reveals itself to be much more than a simple debate, is the true designed signature of Giffoni.