Photo Credit: Tommaso Ottomano

GINEVRA is the project of Ginevra Lubrano, a young singer-songwriter from Turin. 

"Metropoli" EP - her first project in Italian after the previous "Ruins" - was released on the 26th of June 2020 by the label Asian Fake. This work outlines Ginevra's imagery and the sound research from which her songs are born. The musical direction is led by the artist together with producer Francesco Fugazza. 

The year 2021 begins with two important collaborations: Ginevra participates in "Soli", a single by Mecna together with Ghemon, and in "Non lo farei mai", a track included in the new album by producer Ceri. 

After participating in the Concertone del Primo Maggio in Rome, Ginevra announces the arrival of new music and a return to live performances at summer festivals. 

On the 18th of June 2021 she releases the new single "Club", produced by Francesco Fugazza and his brother Marco Fugazza, a bridge between "Metropoli" and the material of the album coming in the next months. The international sound and the creative direction of Tommaso Ottomano's aesthetics immediately won the appreciation of public and critics.