On the borderline between trip hop and Italian songwriting, Greta Zuccoli's voice is immediately recognisable and touches the deepest chords of the soul. Her music echoes brit-folk and blends with Italian melodies. A Neapolitan singer-songwriter, Greta has had an unusual career, full of important collaborations, which soon led her to go solo. She was born with Greta & The Wheels, a Neapolitan band of which she is the founder. Discovered by Damien Rice, almost by chance, during a concert of the Irish singer-songwriter, Greta duetted with him at the Olympia in Paris and for the duration of the summer sailing tour, "Wood Water Wind Tour".

In the summer of 2020 she took part in singer-songwriter Diodato's summer tour "Concerti di un'altra estate", as a member of his band. He is one of the ten finalists of "Amasanremo" with his song "Ogni cosa sa di te" and in February she appears on the Ariston stage in the Youth Section of Sanremo 2021, with excellent feedback from the public and critics.