Photo Credit: Alessandro Peruggi

Tasnim Ali, born in Arezzo in 1999 but raised in the heart of Rome, is known as the TikToker with the veil. She attends the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Roma Tre. The studies she has chosen are by no means accidental: since she was a child, Tasnim has yearned to become a journalist so that, in the future, she could speak out in defence of all those Muslim and non-Muslim women who, unfortunately, still suffer discrimination of any kind. Her activity on social media does not deviate from what she wants to become one day, and indeed her ironic sketches on TikTok, in which she highlights the prejudices that still exist against certain religious beliefs, have become famous. 
Tasnim is also active on Instagram where, by posting some of her pictures and showing off her origins, she tries to inform and make her followers aware of discriminatory actions against Muslims. 
As her popularity grew, she was confronted, as usual, with the first negative comments, which did not dampen her enthusiasm to continue and pursue her goal. Since January 2021, Tasnim has become a correspondent on TV8's morning show Ogni Mattina (Sky), bringing her dream of becoming a journalist a step closer. Thanks to her determination, she has already been chosen to work with many prestigious brands.