Claudia Gerini was born in Rome and has starred in over 60 films. She became passionate about cinema when she was very young. She made her film debut at the age of 16 in Sergio Corbucci's Roba da Ricchi (1987), where she starred alongside Laura Antonelli and Lino Banfi. Corbucci chose her again for Night Club (1988) with Christian De Sica. 

In 1991 she was in the cast of the cult television programme Non è la Rai directed by Gianni Boncompagni. And it is television that gives her the opportunity to highlight her varied artistic talents, from singing to dancing, from conducting to acting. Cinema continued to call her and she made two films in English: Atlantide by Bob Swaim (1990) and The Dark Tale (1991) by Roberto Leoni, in which she co-starred with John Savage. 

Carlo Verdone noticed her at the theatre and wrote her for the film Viaggi di Nozze (1995) where they played the now legendary characters Jessica and Ivano. The following year she consolidated her success with Sono pazzo di Iris Blond, directed again by Carlo Verdone, in which her voice made Romeo lose his head. 

She has made numerous successful Italian and international films, from Fuochi d'artificio by Leonardo Pieraccioni (1997) to Lucignolo by Massimo Ceccherini (1998), Off Kay by Manuel Gomez Pereira (2000) and La Redempteur by Jean Paul Lilienfeld (2001). 

In 2003 she conducted Sanremo alongside Pippo Baudo, where her singing performance with Carlo Verdone on drums remained memorable. 

In 2002 she starred in Mel Gibson's The Passion and in 2005 she was directed by Giuseppe Tornatore in La Sconosciuta and by Roberto Andò in Viaggio segreto.

In 2006 she was in Nero Bifamiliare directed by Federico Zampaglione as in the film Tulpa (2013). 

In 2007 she returns to act with Carlo Verdone in Grande Grosso e Verdone and many successful films directed by Paolo Genovese, Sergio Rubini, Giorgia Farina and Fausto Brizzi follow. 

In 2017 she starred in David Leitch's John Wick 2 and in Manetti Bros' Ammore e Malavita alongside Carlo Buccirosso, an interpretation for which she received her first David di Donatello

In 2018 and 2019 he co-starred in the highly successful Netflix series Suburra. 

In 2019 she is at the Cinema with Dolce Roma by Fabio Resinaro and A Mano disarmata by Claudio Bonivento where she plays the journalist Federica Angeli who denounces the Mafia and who still lives under escort. 

For Fox she will host a programme entitled Amore e altri rimedi and the film Non sono un assassino by Andrea Zaccariello will be released in cinemas. 

In 2020 she will take part in Gianni Amelio's film Hammamet about Bettino Craxi, Giuliana Gamba's Burraco Fatale and will be in Diabolik directed by Manetti Bros. 

We will soon see her in Tutta la vita by Paolo Costella, Lasciarsi un giorno a Roma by Edoardo Leo, Anna Rosemberg by Michele Moscatelli and Mancino Naturale by Salvatore Allocca and she is back in the third series of Suburra

She will also star in the film Sulla giostra by Giorgia Cecere and in 2021 she will once again star in the De Cecco commercials, this time directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, after a series of commercials for the famous brand in which she was directed by P. Genovese. 

Claudia Gerini has won numerous awards: David Di Donatello for the film Ammore e Malavita, Nastro d'argento, Ciak D'Oro, Premio Virna Lisi, Premio Flaiano, Super Ciak D'Oro and many others. 

She was awarded the title of "Ufficiale delle Repubblica" by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, for the intensity of her career and for the film Mia cugina Detective produced by the Association "L'Arte nel cuore", which testifies to her social commitment to children with Down Syndrome.