Born in Rome, Anna Valle lived in Ladispoli until the age of thirteen. From here she moved to Sicily, to Lentini, her mother's town of origin. She studied at the Liceo Classico Gorgia in Lentini and had her first theatrical experience acting at the Greek Theatre in Syracuse, where she played Mirrine in Lysistrata by Aristophanes. 

Her career began in 1995 when she was elected MISS ITALIA and took part in the competition with the title of Miss Sicily. Before taking part in the beauty contest, she attended the first year of law school and worked in her mother's underwear shop. 

Once she had put down the crown of beauty queen, she began to study acting, first with an Argentine teacher and then with a member of the Actor Studio of New York who had moved to Italy. 

After a music video with Gianni Morandi, in which she played his young Muse, she was offered her first role in a film directed by Pino Quartullo alongside a very funny Stefania Sandrelli, the comedy Le Faremo tanto male

But it was with the character of "Paola" in the very popular TV series Commesse (1999) that Anna Valle, starring alongside Sabrina Ferilli and Nancy Brilli, entered the hearts of Italian audiences thanks to her simplicity, freshness and innate elegance that has always distinguished her. 

From here Anna has played many women, in many different roles, succeeding in making a name for herself on the small screen. She went on to star in acclaimed dramas such as Cuore, which awarded her a Telegatto in 2002, and on to important costume roles in Augustus l'Imperatore Romano, where she played the role of "Cleopatra", alongside Peter O'Tool and Charlotte Rampling, and Soraya (2003), a much-loved European co-production, where she played the role of the Princess. 

For the cinema in 2000, she shot Sottovento, directed by Stefano Vicario and starring Claudio Amendola, a film set almost entirely on a large sailing boat. For Anna it was a very rewarding and beautiful experience.

In Le stagioni del cuore (2004), directed by Antonello Grimaldi, Anna plays Claudia Castelli, a role spanning from the 1940s to the late 1970s. A complex portrait of the woman of those years and a glimpse of Italy in a historically complicated and fascinating thirty-year period. Alongside her are a splendid Alessandro Gassman and a young Martina Stella. 

In 2006 she made two films: Solo Metro, directed by Marco Cucurnia and produced by Michele Placido, and Misstake, which she co-produced with Ulisse Lendaro, who would become her husband in 2008. 

The following year, directed by Renzo Martinelli, she played the role of the wife of the beloved boxer Primo Carnera in The Walking Mountain, which was released in 2008 both in cinemas and on TV. 

In the following years she played the role of other important women, always icons of beauty and courage: Jackie Kennedy in Callas and Onassis, Fuga per la libertà - L'aviatore, with Sergio Castellitto and Marco Giallini, Nebbie e Delitti, and in 2010 in the miniseries Atelier Fontana - Le sorelle della moda, in which she played one of the three Fontana stylists. The drama, directed by Riccardo Milani, was a great success on Rai Uno, broadcast on 27 and 28 February 2011 in prime time, with peaks of up to 9.5 million viewers. 

In 2011 she was on Canale 5 with the TV drama Un amore e una vendetta together with Alessandro Preziosi, again with great success. 

In the same year, she took Jerome Tonnere's French comedy Confidenze troppo Intime on a short theatre tour in Veneto. 

The following year, Questo nostro Amore aired, which again saw the actress in 1960s clothing. 

Starring alongside Neri Marcorè, directed by Luca Ribuoli Anna plays the role of Anna Ferraris, a character who knows how to be a woman, mother and wife with a unique lightness and naturalness. 

In 2013 the TV film Barabba was released, an international co-production directed by Roger Young, shot entirely in English and released in various countries around the world. 

Anna continues to work hard to shoot the second season of Questo nostro Amore '70 (aired in 2014) and Mister Ignis. Both series were very successful and despite playing two very different roles, she managed to gain unanimous approval from the public and the press. 

In the spring of 2017 the TV series Sorelle, directed by Cinzia Th Torrini, is broadcast and she wins the 2017 TAO AWARDS as "best actress in a leading role in a TV drama category". This romantic thriller, a great success on Rai Uno, gives Anna a role she loved and strongly wanted. She plays Chiara, a lawyer who has to come to terms with the past because of her sister's disappearance. Chiara will have to learn the most difficult thing for anyone: forgiveness. 

In 2018, the third chapter of the highly successful series Questo nostro amore '80 was aired, eagerly awaited by audiences who couldn't wait to see how the protagonist's look has transformed.

Her life could be summed up in the classic home-work combination: Anna divides her time incessantly between the set and Vicenza, where she has established her nest since she married Ulisse Lendaro, a lawyer and producer, in 2008. They have two beautiful children, their firstborn Ginevra (13) and Leonardo (7). 

She is testimonial of 2 non-profit associations that protect children all over the world: Save the Children and Mission Bambino

In 2018 he produced Ulisse Lendaro's first film as director L'età imperfetta, which participated in the Alice section of the Rome Film Festival.

Between 2019 and 2021 Anna was busy on no less than 3 sets.

Vite in fuga aired in November 2020 with Claudio Gioè directed by Luca Ribuoli, a very intense family thriller.

In 2021 the second season of La compagnia del cigno, directed by Ivan Cotroneo, was released on Rai1.

Luce dei miei occhi sees a return of Anna to Mediaset. A series that is going to be released in autumn 2021 with Anna and Giuseppe Zeno produced by Banijay.

Currently she is on the set of a new series for Rai 1, again produced by Banijay entitled Lea e i bambini degli altri with Giorgio Pasotti, which we will see in the next television season 2021 - 2022.