Samuel Romano certainly needs no introduction.
Samuel is a very active author and composer: he has made nine original albums with Subsonica and six with Motel Connection, with whom he also worked on two soundtracks.
His frequent musical collaborations include, among others, Franco Battiato, Bluvertigo, Antonella Ruggiero, Krisma, and also Patty Pravo, Jovanotti, Manuel Agnelli, Alessandro Mannarino.
In 1996 he founded the band Subsonica together with Max Casacci, Boosta, Ninja and Pierfunk (replaced in 1999 by Vicio). In those years of strong musical ferment, Motel Connection was also born and he founded two techno music labels. He is also a DJ and producer in the most important clubs of the techno scene.
In February 2017 he participated in Sanremo with "Vedrai" and released his first solo album, “Il codice della bellezza".
On 12 October 2018 "Otto" is released, the eighth album of unreleased tracks by Subsonica, of which he is co-author and which is followed by tours in clubs all over Europe, in Italian sports halls and in the most important summer festivals.
In 2019, Samuel participates as a judge in the thirteenth edition of the "X Factor" talent show.
In November 2019 Subsonica released “Microchip Temporale”, a special re-edition of “Microchip Emozionale”, in collaboration with 14 artists.
On Friday 24 April 2020 "Mentale Strumentale" is released, the group's ninth unreleased album, recorded in 2004. From March 2020, Samuel has given life to "Golfo Mistico" his music studio, which has become a multicreative hub, dedicate to music, but not only. From Friday 12 June 2020, “Il codice della bellezza (Live with orchestra)" (Sony Music), the live version of Samuel Romano's first album recorded with the Bandakadabra Orchestra, is available digitally.