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After graduating in Economics and obtaining a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business Communication, he became the first Italian “bike blogger”, exploiting his passion for photography and cyclism. Taking picture of bikes and posting them on the web under the pseudonym of “divanoletto” (sofabed), he put forward his alternative interpretation to fashion bloggers by travelling all over the world and writing guides about cycling, such as “Veni Vidi Bici”, which slowly arises the readers’ interest. At the same time his passion for music led him to play as a drummer in Roman music bands.
He started being noticed and invited to TV and radio programmes. In 2014 he joined the cast of the Italian TV show “Le Iene”. In 2016 he hosted “Estate Mondiale” with Diletta Leotta on SkySport1 and from 2016 to 2019 “Goal Deejay” for the same channel. In this show - based on the format of the TV show “Karaoke Deejay” - he took part in the carpool karaoke with the show guests.
In 2015 he was one of the reporters of the tv show “Open Space”, hosted in prime time on Italia 1 by Nadia Toffa. In summer 2017 he hosted, together with Alessia Marcuzzi and Daniele Battaglia, the “Summer Festival” in prime time on Canale 5. In 2018 he hosted the second edition of “DanceDanceDance”, in prime time on Fox Life and TV8, with Andrea Delogu. Besides the TV shows, he was a radio speaker for Radio 105 with Kris&Kris in “Kris & Love” and for Radio2 with Angela Rafanelli in “Radio2Sunset”.
In summer 2019 he recorded his single “All you can eat” with his indie group Legno, directing the music video as well. In 2020 he became a TV personality of the historic music channels Vh1 and MTV.