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Gabriele, a successful forty-year-old working for an important Paris-base auctioneers, is a meticulous and wealthy man with refined tastes. But what is on the face of a perfect...

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Section Tributes
Tipology Feature Film

After an accident Gaetano, an old hackney driver, is sent into retirement and his horse, Nestore, faces the prospect of finishing up as catfood. But Nestore refuses to enter the...

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Section Special Events
Tipology Feature Film, Special Event

A storm shatters in a cove of an island Piccolo, the son of the commander of a fishing boat, and the little dog Spazzola. Determined to find his father and two older brothers,...

Category Out of competition
Section Premiere
Tipology Animation, Feature Film

This is the story of Sarah, a handicapped South African girl of twelve who takes it into her head that she wants to compete in the annihilating swimming point to point...

Category Official Competition
Section Childhood screens
Tipology Feature Film