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A football, a teacher with a lot of passion, an old principal who can’t stand soccer, a group of energetic grass-roots children and a world-shaking earthquake. Catastrophe falls upon them before they start enjoying their happy childhood. How will they move forward?

Original Title PO MEN
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 104'
Production Year 2018
Nationality China
Directed by Geng Xu
Screenplay Bo Xu
Director of photography Zhiqiang Shang
Music Ye Zou
Main cast Li Hucheng
Ma Shunxi
Liu Zhu Shiman
Pu Haoyu
Chen Keyu
Xu Qian
Li Jin Jinchuan
Deng Shiguo
Produced by Nayi Liu

 regista Geng XuGENG XU
Geng Xu graduated from the department of Chinese language and literature of Nanjing University and senior director class of Beijing Film Academy. He works as director for Nanjing Film Studio and is a member of China Film Directors Association.

Director's statement
"This is a story started with a football. The happiness and sadness of adults and children are linked to this football. Therefore, from the beginning we wanted to find an interesting perspective to tell this story. We tried the perspective of a child,such as Sang Guo or Tank; we also tried the perspective of an adult, such as PE teacher or the principal. But none of these above satisfied us. Finally, we found that this old and broken football is like an eye. It could see everything we can see, and see things we can’t. It is sometimes a child who is innocent and happy, sometimes an old man who has experienced vicissitudes. The most important thing is that it understands the child’s heart, so it can be the best friend of the children".


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