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Category: Edition 2019

Youngju, who barely turns 18 years old, has been in charge of her younger brother since their parents’sudden death by a car accident. Even though she gives up her dream, she wants to take responsibility for her only brother. However, her brother, Youngin, keeps making troubles, and gets involved in a crime. For a settlement, Youngju needs money. Youngju decides to find Sangmoon, the man who killed her parents, thinking that she deserves to ask him some money. Upon the encounter Youngju doesn’t tell him who she is, and Sangmoon and his wife are being nice to Youngju without knowing that she’s the daughter of the ones that Sangmoon killed a few years ago..

Original Title YOUNGJU
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +18
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 100'
Production Year 2018
Nationality South Korea
Directed by Cha Sung-duk
Screenplay Cha Sung-duk
Production Design Gi Hye-in
Main cast Kim Hyang-gi
Kim Ho-jung
Yu Jae-myeong
Tang Jun-sang
Cha Jin-young
Produced by Cha Sung-duk

 regista Cha Sung dukCHA SUNG-DUK
CHA Sung-duk studied cinema at the Korea National University of Arts (KNUA). She earned recognition for her award-winning shorts "Never Cry" and "Vanished Night". She broadened her career in film by working as the script supervisor on filmmaker LEE Kyoung-mi’s films "Crush and Blush" and "The Truth Beneath". "Youngju" is inspired by her own personal experience.

Director's statement
"Just like Youngju, I was in my teens when my parents died in a car accident. As time passed since being struck by such unexpected life altering experience, and finally wanting to make this into a film, I felt the urge to see the face of the person who caused the accident. “What would happen if I get to meet them?”, “What would their life be like?” were the starting points to expand on my story. I hope that YOUNGJU can be a sad, but warm letter to everyone who has to “grow up” but are still hanging onto their wounded inner child".


K’Arta Youngju Productions
(South Korea)

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