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Category: Edition 2019

Goliath is set in a forgotten industrial town somewhere in Sweden. When Roland is sentenced to prison, his seventeen years old son Kimmie, is expected to take over the criminal business and provide for the family, a task he is not ready for. The film's depicting a boy's brutal entry into adult life and examines aspects of social heritage and patriarchal structures, at a time when the welfare system is declining and Sweden is at change.

Original Title GOLIAT
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +18
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 88'
Production Year 2018
Nationality Sweden
Directed by Peter Grönlund
Screenplay Peter Grönlund
Director of photography Gösta Reiland
Editor Dino Jonsäter
Production Design Marika Åkerblom
Costume Design Sofie Krunegård
Sound Andreas Franck
Music Johan Testad
Main cast Sebastian Ljungblad
Cedomir Djordjevic
Joakim Sällquist
Tuva Linghult
Cornelia Andersson
Davina Robinson
Produced by Frida Bargo, Jon Mankell, Mattias Nohrborg

 regista Peter GrönlundPETER GRÖNLUND
He is an award-winning screenwriter and film director, whose main focus are socio-political themes. Peter has directed numerous award-winning shorts and his first feature film, "Tjuvheder" ("Drifters") world premiered in the New Director’s Competition Program in San Sebastian 2015. "Tjuvheder" became the most critically acclaimed Swedish film of the year, awarded with five Swedish Academy Guldbagge Awards. His upcoming feature "Goliath" premieres theatrically in October of 2018. Peter’s outstanding characters and his fascinating narratives create worlds that are impossible to abide. Peter is currently writing his third feature while developing various projects, book adaptations and original ideas in collaboration with different production companies.

Director's statement
"Small Swedish industrial communities such as Hofors, Avesta and Lesjöfors face a number of problems, one of which is drugs and the attendant criminality among the young people. According to several studies it is possible to see how drugs are filtering down through the age-groups. The customary weekend binge drinking is always with us, but we must never forget that drugs and criminality are only a symptom of a much more deep-rooted disease. In whatever direction one cares to look, apathy and uniformity cast their shadow over a society that spins ever faster, and it is easy in this day and age for people to lose their grip. It can be difficult to keep one’s faith in a better world. People cling to their monthly wage as a final outpost of happiness. To some eyes this may seem more like existence than living. It is no wonder that young people feel excluded, that so many amid all the stress begin to lose faith in the society in which they live, as if their voice were of no worth, that the world could function just as well if they did not exist. Ask young people around the country what they think and feel about their hometowns and the same answer is forthcoming every time. Nobody listens to us! Everything is shit! In the town of Hagfors this led some youngsters to argue, Hagfors is worse than heroin! This of course suggests that there is something wrong with society, that there are wounds that must be healed. Many young people are completely lacking in faith in their local politicians, unable to feel that society exists for their benefit. They feel that they are completely without influence. The majority of youth problems are, in reality, not young people’s problems at all but rather their elder’s. It is up to the older members of society to take note and find a way to speak to young people. If these elders are found lacking in this ability, then there is a risk that this mistrust and contempt for society will be passed down from generation to generation".


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