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GIFFONI50PLUS - 21.31 JULY 2021

Archivio Film 2019


Category: Edition 2019

JP lives with a tender but toxic family. Constantly trapped between his violent young brother, his alcoholic and fragile mother and his manipulative uncle, JP sees at the needs of everybody in the house, except himself. As the pressures increase, will JP choose a new path in life with his hopeful girlfriend Mel or will he choose to stay and to protect his family like a watchdog until suffocation?

Original Title CHIEN DE GARDE
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +18
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 87'
Production Year 2018
Nationality Canada
Directed by Sophie Dupuis
Screenplay Sophie Dupuis
Director of photography Mathieu Laverdière
Editor Dominique Fortin
Production Design Eric Barbeau
Costume Design Patricia McNeil
Sound Fredéric Cloutier, Patrice Leblanc, Luc Boudrias
Music Patrice Dubuc, Gaetan Grävel
Main cast Jean-Simon Leduc
Théodore Pellerin
Claudel Laberge
Maude Guérin
Paul Ahmarani
Produced by Etienne Hansez

 regista Sophie DupuisSOPHIE DUPUIS
Sophie likes to shake the crowds with her percussive films. Knowing how to amalgamate tenderness and unrest, she likes to stage failing families and indomitable characters. "Family First" her first feature film, leads impetuous characters in a bubbling whirlwind of violence.

Director's statement
"I wanted people to look at my film and see — if not themselves — someone they know in it. They could be my uncles, my cousins. If I made it too trashy, they’d become the Other. I wanted to bring them into a context that was somewhat universal — this is what happened to them, this is where their journey took them and it could happen to anyone. […] To me, it’s a film about family. Crime is something that the family has to deal with, but it’s only one element of their lives. The criminal aspect to me was the second layer of the story I wanted to tell. Beyond that choice, I wanted to make a dynamic, explosive film that gives you a stomachache. That’s the kind of movie I wanted to make and continue to make".


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