Place:  Town of Aquara (SA)
Object: Official meeting to the town of Aquara (SA)
Participants: Giffoni Experience Director Claudio Gubitosi; Marco Fontana, Artistic team; Gregorio Fiscina; Mayor Antonio Marino; Vice Mayor Vincenzo Luciano; Councillors Rosanna Marchesano, Elvira Martino e Gianluca Marino; Students and teachers of Istituto Comprensorio di Castelcivita.

Place: Sala Petrassi dell'Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma - 13th edition Festa del Cinema
Object: Preview of "Halloween", Thanks to Universal Pictures International Italy
PARTICIPANTS: 10 giffoners

Place: Sant’Angelo Le Fratte (PT)_
Object: Meeting with students
Participants: Claudio Gubitosi

Place: Napoli
Object: Meeting with Marco Messina for Giffoni Ventures
Participants: Claudio Gubitosi, Luca Tesauro

Place: Roma-MiBaC
Object: Meeting with the Minister of Cultural Heritage in Italy  Alberto Bonisoli
Participants: Claudio Gubitosi

Place: Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, Napoli
Object: Giffoni Innovation Hub at the first stop of the Youth Village: an evento dedicated to youth and employment.
Participants: Vincenzo De Luca (President Regione Campania); Chiara Marciani (Councillor Equal Rights Regione Campania); Antonino Muro; Luca Tesauro; Jacopo Gubitosi.

Place: Cittadella del Cinema
Object: CinèCamp. Report on the 2018 project and planning of the 2019 edition
Participants: Claudio Gubitosi, Giovanni Brancaccio, Remigio Truocchio, Valeria Cosenza

Place: Roma
Object: Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 4.0: The biggest Maker Faire outside the USA and the second for number of visitors with over 100 Thousand attendees registered in 2017.  A family-friendly  event full of invention and creativity.
Participants: Antonino Muro, Luca Tesauro, Jacopo Gubitosi

Place: Città della Scienza, Napoli
Object: Giffoni Innovation Hub at the National Convention decated to the world of School promted by MIUR, Città della Scienza, Regione Campania and USR for Campania
Participants: Antonino Muro; Luca Tesauro

Place: Cosenza
Object: Borghi in Movimento: How to rebuild and highlight the strengths of the old towns in Calabria.
Participants: Claudio Gubitosi, Luca Tesauro

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