Location: Milan
Event: Institutional meetings
Participants: the Giffoni Experience director, Claudio Gubitosi.

Location: Cittadella del Cinema – Giffoni Valle Piana
Event: Giffoni Innovation Hub partner of the Enterprice LAB Project (format of young entrepreneurship aimed at secondary schools of the province of Salerno created by the Salerno Chamber of Commerce)
Participants: Antonio Muro, Jacopo Gubitosi, Luca Tesauro

Location: University of Salerno - Fisciano Campus
Event: Giffoni Innovation Hub to the IX edition of the Research Grant Forum; project designed by the Emblema Foundation to promote the relationship between Research and Business companies
Participants: Antonio Muro, Jacopo Gubitosi, Barbara Costabile

Location: San Carlo Theatre, Naples – 20:30 p.m.
Event: Second edition of "Matilde Serao" literaly prize

Participants:Claudio Gubitosi, Luca Apolito, Gianvincenzo Nastasi

Location: Truffaut Hall-Salerno
Event: the members of the Salerno East Rotary Club visit the Citadella del Cinema in Giffoni Valle Piana
Participants: the members of the Salerno Est Rotary Club, escorted by the honorary president of the Giffoni Film Festival Generoso Andria, and welcomed by the Giffoni Experience director Claudio Gubitosi and by the president Piero Rinaldi.

Location: Baronial Palace, Villaricca (NA)
Participants: Claudio Gubitosi

Location: Theatre of Arts, no. 7 Guerino Grimaldi street, Salernoù
Event: 8th edition of 'a spot for...' _ 'Yesterday. Today....Tomorrow #the future needs roots'
Participants: Lea Mancino, project manager of the Giffoni Experience team

Location: The Creative Plot, Lund (Sweden)

Event: Space Dream Team; the international community of young innovators of Giffoni engaged in Lund in activities and workshops with Swedish partners.

Location: Cittadella del Cinema – Giffoni Valle Piana

Event: Institutional meeting with Professor Roberto Patente of the University of Salerno, and Professor Ayman El Tarabishy of the George Washington University School of Business

Participants: Claudio Gubitosi, Giffoni Experience director, and Luca Tesauro, Giffoni Innovation Hub CEO

Location: Pollica
Event: Meeting with school principals, students, administrators, businesses and citizens.
Participants: Caludio Gubitosi, director of Giffoni Experience and Marco Cesaro, Giffoni Experience management assistant

Location: Rome

Event: Meeting with ‘Coni’ President Giovanni Magalò

Participants: Caludio Gubitosi

Location: Truffaut Hall, Cittadella del Cinema – Giffoni Valle Piana

Event: Presentation of the 'Wheelchair Walk' Project of the 'Fratelli Linguiti' Comprehensive Institute in collaboration with the Giffoni Experience.

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