20 July #giffoni2019

Sofia Dalle Rive and Carlotta Ferlito arrived at #Giffoni2019 (“An amazing experience”, according to their words) to present the national première of BOOKSMART, a film directed by Olivia Wilde and distributed by Leone 
“Truffaut once said that this festival is the most necessary and I would add it’s the funniest too. Today has been one of the best days of my life. I can’t tell how emotional you’ve made me”. That’s how WOODY HARRELSON
“A hug from Giffoni jurors is the best present SpongeBob could ever ask for on his 20th birthday”: so commenced Cecilia Padula, Nickelodeon Italy Senior Director, who attended the Festival for her very first time.
"A place like this, so wonderfully lively, can create amazing wonders”. Mario Turetta was rapt, although, as Director General of Cinema-MiBAC (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities), he had the chance to 

Films in competition on July 20

Saturday, 20 July 2019 10:05
Here are the films in competition on July 20 at #Giffoni2019