Thursday, 16 July 2020 15:59

President Mattarella's best wishes fot the Giffoni Film Festival's fiftieth anniversary

For its fiftieth anniversary celebrations, the Giffoni Film Festival could not have received a more beautiful gift than the message from the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. Even if from a distance, the head of state wanted to testify his closeness, his esteem and his affection to the founder and director Claudio Gubitosi who, not yet eighteen, decided to invest all his energies in a visionary dream that became a structured reality and is now known all over the world. Opening the beginning of the celebrations of #Giffoni50, Gubitosi wanted to read the note of the President of the Republic, with the passion and pride of those who have lived and worked alongside youth for half a century, to help them grow in the wake of culture and freedom of thought.

"I would like to express my great appreciation to the organizers of this special day which marks the start of the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the Giffoni Film Festival. Over the years, "Giffoni" has proven itself as one of the most prestigious and awaited appointments among international film events for children thanks to its ability to continuously update and renew itself - as testified by the current difficult circumstances imposed by the health emergency - always proposing new themes. and food for thought - Mattarella writes - The choice of relying on children and young people, as both spectators and jurors, the role of absolute protagonists of the event, means that Giffoni's experience goes far beyond the mere festival dimension , offering young people an extraordinary opportunity for growth and cultural enrichment, also thanks to the large presence of works from all over the world. Cinema, with its expressive power, can represent a formidable educational tool and it is such also thanks to the Giffoni Film Festival who contributed to raising children's cinema from the marginal position it once occupied to the most appropriate levels of a quality genre. With the hope that the fiftieth edition of the festival will inaugurate a new and fruitful season of further successes, I send my warm greetings to all the participants in today's ceremony, and especially to the little ones."