GFF 2015: Carpe Diem

The selection of the theme, is shared with our fanbase. The theme is the result of the Giffoni youth’s choice. Giffoni is the place where they can voice their opinions and they chose CARPE DIEM. Carpe Diem represents Thousands of youth shouting all at once for the 45th edition of the Giffoni Experience. Carpe Diem is an invitation to make your life extraordinary. To never stop, to never delay what you can do now to “after” and to do it with courage and passion.

It is a warning like the one whispered by professor Keating (the late Robin Williams) to his students in “Dead poet’s Society”: life is too short and youth is temporary and for this reason it must be seized and lived to the fullest so to enjoy its uniqueness. It is an ancient idea, but forever young. Carpe Diem is the beautiful saying used by Horace to express the idea that “living in the present” is the best way to claim one’s individual freedom and existence. Today, Carpe diem might not have the same “distorted” value it had during the Renaissance (an invitation to enjoy the ephemeral until the last day of youth), but it is a philosophical concept, the awareness that the future does not belong to us. We cannot foresee it. However it is possible to “determine “ it in some way with the “present” actions ( here and now).  With this theme We want to encourage our audiences to seize the opportunities, the joy of today without worrying too much about the future!

Let’s seize the day every day!

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