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It's evening. A man is seated at the desk writing a letter to his daughter Michela. The ink runs on the white pages, the time is running fast, too fast, as if that letter had been written for months, for years. The old man, with shiny and weary eyes, writes that he has been abandoned by everyone and above all by her.

--- regista --- giuseppe alessio nuzzoGiuseppe Alessio Nuzzo
Born in 1989. Giuseppe is currently managing director of the Social World Film Festival, an international exhibition of social cinema. He works as a freelance at the Naples Film School and writes film critics for various reviews. He has directed numerous shorts, documentaries (PRIMITIVAMENTE with Giancarlo Giannini) and commercials dealing with social issues (CORRI with Anna Falchi which was aired by Rai and Mediaset) and for which he received several awards. He has been juror in several international festivals and in October 2011 he was among the ten excellencies of young Italian cinema in Los Angeles. In 2014 he founded the company "Pulcinella Film" and in the same year he had the idea to create the Museum of Cinema of the territory and of the Sorrento Peninsula in the city of Vico Equense. So far he has donated hundreds of posters, photos, projectors and others items from the 19th century to our day and age. In 2015 he published his first book about cinema and famous film quotes in Italian cinema: Cinema è sogno - Antologia delle citazioni cinematografiche: le frasi dei più celebri film italiani dal 1930 ad oggi. In 2016, he directed his first feature film, LE VERITÀ, a psychological thriller featuring the likes of actors such as Francesco Montanari, Nicoletta Romanoff, Anna Safroncik, Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Giuseppe is studying film production and organization at the Lab of the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema - Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Roma.

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Original Title Lettere a mia figlia
Italian Title Lettere a mia figlia
Category Out of competition
Section Parental Control
Tipology Short Film
Duration 12'
Production Year 2016
Nationality Italy
Directed by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo
Screenplay Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo
Director of photography Antonio De Rosa
Editor Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo, Gaetano Affinito
Production Design Jerry Matteo Cucco
Costume Design Annalisa Ciaramella
Sound Giorgio Durantino, Francesco Guarnaccia
Music Adriano Aponte
Main cast Leo Gullotta (Mario)
Diane Patierno (Michela adult)
Viola Varlese (Michela child)
Produced by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo

finanziatoda nuovo