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Category: Edition 2017

Eric and Elin reminisce about the dark, magical summer when they met for the first time. They were just kids and their parents, Linda and Peter, were drug addicts. During a few violent but beautiful months they all lived together as a family. As Linda and Peter are torn apart, the children must fight to survive. And then learn to live.

Original Title Trädgårdsgatan
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +18
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 109'
Production Year 2017
Nationality Sweden
Directed by Olof Spaak
Screenplay Gunnar A.K Järvstad
Director of photography Kristoffer Jönsson
Editor Tess Lindberg
Music Anders E. Larsson
Main cast Karin Franz Körlof (Linda)
Simon J Berger (Peter)
Emil Algpeus (Eric)
Nike Ringqvist (Elin)
Eva Fritjofson (Lena)
Linda Molin (Elin adult)
Produced by Sofie Palage

--- regista --- olof spaakOlof Spaak
Olof Spaak was brought up in Southern Sweden but moved to London at an early age. He studied in Madrid and Barcelona and then worked in Mexico City before finally returning to Sweden to study Film at Stockholm University. After more practical film studies he began working in the film industry and has worked on over 50 TV series and Features. Olof has worked in the camera and location department, as a 1st AD and as a production manager. More recently, he has gone over to screenwriting and producing. Currently, he is line producing the major international feature BORG MCENROE. Olof wrote the screenplay for the short Hilma which has been screened at festivals worldwide, among them TIFF Kids. He wrote and directed the short BEGINNING OF THE END which has been screened at Rome International Film Festival and Istanbul International Film Festival among others. Olof has also worked as a creative producer on several successful shorts. With GARDEN LANE, Olof Spaak makes his feature debut.

Director's statement
“GARDEN LANE is a dark trip down memory lane and into the rabbit hole. To understand it we must accept that no memory is true – we all live in reality of our own. Violent, beautiful, unforgiving, just like growing up in a family that is slowly destroyed by substance abuse”.

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