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Nassim is a junior in a well-reputed Parisian high school and seems as carefree as his friends. Nobody has the slightest idea that in reality he has just lost his mother and returns every evening to a foster care facility. Despite the kindness of the woman who runs the children’s home, he refuses to assimilate with the other youth in the center. Like a tightrope walker, Nassim navigates between his two lives that he is determined to keep separate no matter what.

Original Title De Toutes Mes Forces
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +16
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 97'
Production Year 2017
Nationality France
Directed by Chad Chenouga
Screenplay Chad Chenouga, Christine Paillard
Director of photography Thomas Bataille
Editor Pauline Casalis
Production Design David Storm
Music Thylacine
Main cast Khaled Alouach (Nassim)
Yolande Moreau (Madame Cousin)
Produced by Milena Poylo, Gilles Sacuto
Trailer 9vFQZI7uH_k

--- regista --- chad chenougaChad Chenouga
Chad Chenouga is a French actor, director and screenwriter born in 1962 in Paris. He was placed in a foster home after the death of his mother while he is still a teenager. This part of his life inspires him the films 17, RUE BLEUE, released in 2001 and DO IT RIGHT (2017). After the baccalaureate, Chad Chenouga began studying economics before enrolling in “Cours Florent - École de formation professionnelle d’acteur”. As an actor he now runs workshops in prisons and foster homes.

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