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Fabio Resinaro (1980) and Fabio Guaglione (1981) met in 1995 at school. They both shared the passion for comics, writing, cinema music and communication. In 2001 they gave life to their first project together, “Ti Chiamo Io”, a short they made with a simple miniDV, which won the Film Race Contest distributed domestically in dvd by Medusa Home Entertainment, becoming a real cult amongst fans of the genre.

While they were filming some video-clips and business advertisements they started working as directors, sfx supervisors and script writers and in 2004 they put a team together making a sci-fi short in 35 mm called “E:D:E:N”, which received both domestic and worldwide recognitios (Nastri D’Argento 2004, Arcipelago Film Festival 2004, Sky Tv Award 2004, Future Film Festival 2005) abroad (Seattle Science Fiction film Festival 2008, Emirates Film Festival 2008,  Boston Science Fiction Festival 2008, Festival Nèmo 2005, Dragon Con 2004, Manchester Festival of Fantastic 2004). Thanks to this success they were able to strike a deal with Sky Italia.

The highlight of this first joint venture was “The Silver Rope”, a medium length sci-fi. In 2006, thanks to The Silver Rope Fabio&Fabio went to several international festivals. Amongst their other credits are mini-kolossal, “Afterville”, with Livio Magnini from the Bluvertigo, Andrea Bonini, the Subsonica who made the title track, cyberpunk writer Bruce Sterling (who plays a cameo). They also went on to make videoclips like: “L’Ultima Risposta” by Subsonica (Emi), “Il Giorno Migliore” by Le Mani (Universal). At the beginning of 2009 they made the videoclip “Aprila” by Biagio Antonacci, soundtrack song of the Italian blockbuster “Ex”, diretced by Fausto Brizzi

In 2009 they created their new company MERCURIO DOMINA, producing the short “Myshoes” (2011), were they worked as creative producers. In 2010-2011 Mercurio Domina produced feature “True Love”, an Italian American co-production. The film was sold in over 70 Countries, an extraordinary result for a microbudget movie. In 2014, with the new project “Mine”: written and directed by Fabio&Fabio, and produced by Peter Safran and the Safran Company. “Mine” completed in 2016 was sold worldwide at the Cannes film market. The film was distributed in Italy by Eagle Pictures; and was a box office hit grossing over 1 million 400 Thousand Euros. It received 2 David di Donatello nominations and got home video distribution helping it become a cult film. It was then distributed in the USA by thriller specialist Well Go Usa, in Spain by the well known eONE and worldwide by Universal Pictures.

  • Filmography:

    E:D:E:N (2004) - short film
    The Silver Rope (2006) - short film
    Afterville (2008) - short film
    Mine (2016)

    E:D:E:N (2004) - short film
    The Silver Rope (2006) - short film
    Afterville (2008) - short film
    True Love, by Enrico Clerico Nasino (2012)
    Mine (2016)

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