The “Planet-Y” represents an international authority aimed at managing and promoting cultural events for children and youth in the age of new media and social networks and encouraging the production of audio-visual/creative/artistic productions/products. The goal is, furthermore, to build a year-long collaboration revolving around the Doha Giffoni Youth Media Summit to be held twice a year . Two annual events. The first takes place in Doha each December and includes a series of working sessions; the second in Giffoni in July, to evaluate the progress of work begun in Doha six months earlier.

The idea springs from the need to find a common strategy in tackling the new challenges related to creativity in this post digital era and mainly on the following points:

  • How can tastes and trends of new generations be understood in advance.
  • How can new technologies be used for our aims.
  • What is the potential and what are the limits of social networks.
  • How can increasingly stronger bonds be created to determine and establish a common format and template without losing one's identity.
  • How will traditional cultural events evolve in this day and age of financial and economic crisis and in an age of strong cultural and educational issues.
  • How to live and learn to speak to youth in a realistic and non-rhetorical way.

Moreover, what do we do for kids what is our role and our job? What kind of role models are we suggesting and giving them? What kind of tools can we give them so that they can choose models which may help them develop their education and life?

In this day and age new generations have endless opportunities and in culture, new and old media one can find their real career. As institutions we must find the new dreamers, the most creative and skillful talents and help them. New comers, born in a digital age, have more opportunities compared to the previous generations. We must give all this talent the opportunity to express themselves by promoting and, supporting them.

Shifting our minds from an analog point of view to a digital way of thinking is probably key. This is the great challenge that lies ahead but it will be a successful one.

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