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"Giffoni Experience is a piece of history. This is a symbol that represents the union between the territorial policies, the good use of funds, the different youth generations, the business world and the university sectors, experimentation and research. Giffoni is a symbol and a concrete reality, as are the politics of cohesion and European politics ". With these words Maria Grazia Falciatore, Head of the Unit Programming of the Campania Region, described clearly and deeply the themes of the conference on the 30-year budget of cohesion policies in Campania and Southern Italy, held this afternoon in the Multimedia Valley. To take part in the round table, after the greetings of the Mayor of Giffoni Valle Piana Antonio Giuliano and the intervention of the Director of the Giffoni Experience Claudio Gubitosi, Ludovica Agrò, Director of the General Agency for Territorial Cohesion, Martin Bugelli, European Commission DG Regio, Sergio Negro, Managing Authority POR Campania ERDF 2014-2020, and Laura Cavallo, Director of the Planning Office for European Policies of the Council of Ministers. The event also saw the presence of local administrations, mayors, presidents of institutions and associations and a representation of the students of the "Torquato Tasso" and "Francesco De Sanctis" schools of Salerno, the State Professional Institute dedicated to Audiovisual Productions "Gian Camillo Glorioso" in Montecorvino Rovella and the Giffoni Valle Piana Youth Forum.

"Multimedia Valley is yet another piece of a rich and varied mosaic that connects the many complexes of the territory which have already been made, thanks to the necessary contribution of the institutions, such as the Campania Region that have always  strongly supported us - said Mayor Giuliano -. The multimedia classrooms, the Ramiera, a marvelous example of industrial architecture, the convent of San Francesco, the hostel, the Borgo di Terravecchia, the ancient millstone, the church of Sant'Egidio, the Castello, the Truffaut hall, the media library, the Museum, are a heritage built throughout the territory that the municipality has re-equipped and allocated to many national and international activities." Touching a key issue, a cornerstone of the future of Giffoni, the mayor said that Giffoni "needs adequate connections, so to match its ever growing numbers. The next phase will be to support the activities with a better transport network. Those with an institutional role in Campania are lucky enough to look at the example of President De Luca, who has literally revolutionized parameters and common places related to the south and Campania. Things are different Today . Today, thanks to the style of the Government of the Region, especially its President, Campania is the leader in technological innovation and growth. The Campania Region has opened a line of credit and this trust has been largely repaid."

Trust has been the driving force for the Campania Region, as enthusiastically stated by Maria Grazia Falciatore, Head of Unit Programming for the Campania Region: "We have chosen programming, acquiring awareness. The message that needs to get through is  that these policies are also a thing of the citizens. President De Luca always says "head on high", we follow his example and try to use the Funds for national and regional policies at best, and we are doing it with a public administration that has a dignity, and that works for the generations that are already there and for those that will come after them. It is a political choice with a capital P, which has created a higher GDP. If it is growing, it is because we are transmitting an identity that generates trust, and this is a political choice not a the direction of the party . We are at an important crossroads: the delivery is no longer only for the high bureaucrats, but for the citizens. ""We began to have awareness of the time - continues Falciatore - and to understand that without time anything we imagine remains in the world of dreams, which are very important to give hope and joy - as the youth we saw claiming" if you come to Giffoni you are one of Giffoni "- but dreams without timing and a method can create illusions and stop development, and we can not afford that. When you are 30 you are allowed to have dreams, but you must also be able to think, innovate, plan, speak more languages. Giffoni is interesting because it is "lost" compared to a metropolitan dimension, but is able to attract people nevertheless,  their thoughts and dreams, realizing them. Before as a Region we were not able to do it. We started from the territories, from the identities, from the ability to read them, from the valorization and the ability to organize themselves. From here, great cultural attractions have emerged, such as Pompeii, Paestum and many other segments that together have been the basis for the fruits we have collected. We had to deal with the fact that programming needs time and rules, because if we did not make our programming readable it would be lost. We have not lost anything. We rolled up our sleeves and worked, without losing a single penny. And here we are, at the 2014-2020 period, pointing to the "Europe 2020" strategy, with inclusive, sustainable and smart growth. Giffoni is a piece that is perfectly integrated, because it has a shared its trajectory and connecting points."

For the Managing Authority POR Campania ERDF 2014-2020, Sergio Negro, these are not self-indulgent thoughts: "We can say that the cohesion policies have entered in a decisive manner on some fundamental issues for the life of the Region. I have seen the metropolitan networks grow, many works that have restored connectivity to otherwise abandoned or desertified territories, which have seen a rebirth thanks to the intervention carried out. We are waging war on problems, and European funds are giving us a decisive hand in this. We are trying to restore dignity to the school sector, with a remarkable effort to modernize our school buildings, making them safe from a seismic perspective ". Negro leaves room for future improvement, which focuses on communication: "We try to measure the effectiveness of these policies from the point of view of results. There is much to be discussed about this: many perhaps do not know that there is a cohesion policy in Italy. We need to work a lot in terms of the messages transmitted to citizens. We are trying to get help from expert communicators - he continues - trying to get in tune and to have concrete suggestions. It is necessary to fill the existing  gap between the river of money arrived and the money spent. Not even one euro has been lost in Campania! Let's start from concrete news and objective facts: this simple news both wonders and upsets people. It 's our fault, we were not good at conveying the message that this great work behind the use of European Funds has brought a concrete result. Next to this we must verify how many opportunities in the field come to intercept the concrete interests. There is interest and expectation, but it is not enough to make official communication "the announcement has come out": it is necessary to stimulate the knowledge of the appropriate tools to be used. There are precise rules and technicalities that are not just a high expression of bureaucracy. I am proud to repeat what I said the other day: Europe has taught the Region that the rules do not exist only on paper but must be applied, a great lesson for which it is necessary to do more and more."

"A concrete example? The Fund for the rotation of projects, "strongly desired by the President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca - as Negro explains - 444 municipalities in Campania have already applied, and 2,000 projects have been received, of which 200 have been selected. Of the new European Funds, which together amount to more than 14 billion, these works will be financed with a billion and 700 million, an abundant share. We can not allow ourselves and all those who want to use the European Funds to not have an obsession with time. We try to put all the requests on the part of the beneficiaries and the political addresses of the junta, to put them in the right place and with the right tools. We must have a vision of programming that needs to match the deadlines that the different funds have. With respect to this we can say today that an important slogan is: "The Campania Region aspires to plan and implement". My personal wish is to make this slogan coincide with reality."

"Today I understood better why Giffoni is an incredible experience, and a testimony of how you can do important things - said Laura Cavallo, Director of the Planning Office for European Policies of the Council of Ministers - Young people must have awareness. It has always been said "it is too complex, it is too difficult". The European Funds are undoubtedly difficult, and in these 30 years we have worked hard. Campania is one of the testimonies of how much we have grown in these 30 years  and that the peak has been in the very last period. At the end of the 2007-2013 program and at the beginning of 2014-2020, the difficulties have made us grow, in a common process that can not be stopped now, not now that we have achieved such enormous results. Now we are talking about the future of cohesion, after 2020. Will the funds still exist? We as a government have shared a position in which we maintain that policies must be strengthened and supported, because they are not only common European assets but also results perceived by citizens. In Europe the sense of citizenship and belonging to the European Community is being lost. The programming has had an enormous positive evolution in the last few years precisely for this effort in giving transversal vision to the different funds. These resources were often used without a unified vision, creating the necessary synergies. It is not necessary to create overlapping, this is why a "control room" was needed which at the beginning had to deal only with the development and cohesion fund. It was immediately understood that it could not be done, without knowing what was happening to the other funds and what interventions were being financed."

"We could not find a better place than Giffoni- says Ludovica Agrò Director of the General Agency for Territorial Cohesion - We have touched the realization of an investment, the result of European cohesion, a unique example in the world, because it exists only in Europe. When it is said in an extra-European context - for example in the United States - that there is a policy that looks at the gap between territories, it is obvious from their astonishment how important this policy is. Cohesion is unique and is part of the DNA of Europe. Europe accounts for 7% of the world's population, 15% of GDP and 49% of welfare. It is a way of living politics and the future focused on the person and the well-being of citizens."

"There is still much work to be done, however: "Europe has lost credibility for our inability to concretely tell its mission and what it has achieved, not just in these 30 years. Looking to development in this particular way, filling gaps and differences, which do not hurt only those who are behind but also those who are ahead. Development can not be done except together. Europe and Italy have had an extraordinary intuition. This period will bring us 76 billion in total, 42 from the European Commission and 31 that are national. We are on a par, and this is a profound partnership. We will reclaim the river Sarno partly with structural funds, partly with the Pact for the south, in a strategy that composes resources without overlapping, giving each one the right answer to the territory. This is the characteristic of this policy: an increase in monitoring, more transparent, more shared and in line with the European code of conduct, where it is strongly stated that all the programmatic choices must be shared with the territory."

Martin Bugelli, European Commission DG Regio, put aside the figures during the meeting and affirmed: "I have no numbers to tell you, if not the 30 years of this day's protagonists. Dr. Negro says I'm a communicator, but to do that you have to have something to say. "If there is nothing, nothing comes out", as William Shakespeare said in King Lear. Politics is not a fictitious or abstract thing, it is real and concrete and this is seen more in Campania. Dr. Mower said that I am a "euroburocrate", but why does this damned bureaucracy exist? Because the European funds do not come from the sky, the funds come from citizens who have put a few euros each to create a river of money to distribute according to the needs. As in agricultural irrigation, when with every drop you can grow the soil, Campania is a very fertile territory for these drops that we put."

"These two years out of 30 are a microcosm of what has been done - he continues - that's why the word "past" is an important word that we have to respect, and this was made clear to me, when today, here at Giffoni I was told "in the 50s we hated everything that was there before". At Giffoni there is not only the Multimedia Valley, where the future and the past live together. The skill of Giffoni Valle Piana as a municipality is to be an entity capable of bringing together the future of technology - such as Dolby Atmos 4k, the sound technology that the Multimedia Valley has - but also with respect and appreciation of what happened before. In Campania in every piece of land we find something, so it takes years to build the subway. It will be done: perhaps with a few years more than usual, but we will get there. It will be done for the citizens, to offer them a means of transport, and they will be even more in the next 30 years. Just think of the example of Naples: from Cirio's tomato, to Apple's apple. Gentiloni today spoke of the synergy between Apple and Cisco, which for the first time got together in a common project. If we do not communicate this policy, this policy will not exist for the people. But we need to look at both sides of the coin: according to the latest EuroStat statistic, Italy is the last in political knowledge". Using the examples of Paestum and Pompeii, "two of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life - Bugelli launches a message: "While the civilization of Paestum has been exhausted naturally, that of Pompeii has been cut short in the flower of life. This is why we must not let politics stop drastically. I also visited Cerreto Sannita, a little village which is perfect for me, coming from Malta, which has few inhabitants. This small mountain town has more tables of help from Europe than citizens, and has earned a lot with little, showing that Europe has also arrived in a municipality of less than 4 thousand people. It is not enough to lose nothing, to do it we must win and program."

On Monday, January 29, during the meeting "Communicating the present, building the future", Martin Bugelli had described the sense of the European Funds also: "shared among all, in the best possible way, in a system where we all need one another". A definition that did not leave the audience indifferent, as underlined by the director of Giffoni Experience Claudio Gubitosi: "Dr. Bugelli has been able to explain what the meaning of Europe is - and this has impressed me, he was able to simply explain what cohesion is and why we are together. What is sown today is gathered tomorrow, in a land that gives fruits and does not rot the seed. Giffoni is one of these experiences. The investment does not have to do with financing or contribution. Investing means "trust me". Today we can clearly see how this path was made thanks to our public financiers, the Campania Region in the first place, which has dared to invest on the Giffoni Idea, in addition to the State with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, and it is to them that I say thank you, also on behalf of President Piero Rinaldi and the board of directors. Today's day raises a key question: what in these 50 years has Giffoni been, is and will be for all present and future generations?"

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