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“EDHEL” the Italian Fantasy movie that won the hearts of the Giffoners hits Italian cinemas

After the extraordinary success of the Giffoni Experience, the Vinians Production movie will finally hit Italian theatres starting from January 25: The cast includes Gaia Forte, Roberta Mattei and Nicolò Ernesto Alaimo

Edhel”, the debut movie of Italian director Marco Renda will hit theatres on January 25. The film won the hearts of the giffoners in 2017, coming in second in the Elements +6 category, during the 47th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival.

Produced and distributed by Vinians Production,“Edhel” was shot in only 18 days. The leading character, is played by up and coming actress Gaia Forte. Edhel is a young girl born with pointy ears, a malformation that makes her the victim of bullying; The only place where she can truly be herself is a riding school where she spends her time with a horse named Caronte. Since her father died, the girl lives with her mother Ginevra who wants her daughter to undergo ear surgery in the hope to stop the bullying. Everything changes when she meets Silvano, a flamboyant caretaker who will teach little Edhel the importance of being herself.

The cast includes Roberta Mattei and Nicolò Ernesto Alaimo, and cameos by Mariano Rigillo, Fioretta Mari, Lidia Vitale, Pietro De Silva, Silvia Siravo and Gianni Rosato. Cristiana Lionello is the speaking voice.

The giffoners loved the movie , “which has also won praise at the Los Angeles Film Awards, winning  4 nominations: Best film, Best Direction, Best Independent Film and Best cast. By telling such a story the film aims at bringing attention to diversity and showing how being different is not so bad  but quite the opposite.

The Giffoni Experience audience was enchanted by the connection in the imagery of the film with the world invented by J. R. R. Tokien, the authour of the “Lord of the rings”,  Edhel means  “elf”. The pointy ears are a metaphor of the ignorance of discrimination towards anything that appears different, towards the unknown. “Edhel” is a story of revenge against the stereotypes imposed by society in the name of freedom and the right of being one’s self.

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