Tuesday, 03 October 2017 11:52

Two masterclasses at AIYFF in Australia: "Giffoni has changed our lives"

"I was expecting a great experience but I didn't think that Giffoni would change my life". Straight from juror Marco Mennillo's mouth who attended the first edition of the Adelaide International Youth Film Festival - in Australia - thanks to the Giffoni Experience, with fellow jurors Simona Genovese.

"AIYFF is a new festival that was inspired by the enthusiastic young people of Giffoni and aims at bringing new talent in videomaking to the attention of the general public, the objective is to encourage young people to use their smatrphones to make videos, which will hopefully encourage them to pick up a camera and then hopefully work on real sets". The new festival has a jury of young people from 11 year old onwards from all over the world. The focus of the fetsival is the GU Film House, a new complex in the heart of Adelaide.

"This is a very raw festival - the giffoners explained - destined to grow bugger thanks to the work of a great team helmed by artistic director artistica Chloe Gardner, Jury Head Emma Johnson and the whole team whom made us discover this very special town’’. The masterclassers had the opportunity to spend some time on the beach in a fully green environment where they interacted with the other International jurors.

"We came back home with our heart full of little pieces of people that will stay there forever. We thought it was just going  to be another trip but it was much more than that".

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