Wednesday, 20 September 2017 10:52

The Giffoni professionalism in Qatar for the fifth edition of the Ajyal Youth Film Festival

“Giffoni is an example of integration and innovation, for us it is an important and inspiring example”. This is how Issa Bin Mohammed al Mohannadi, Minister of Tourism in Qatar, described the relationship between the Giffoni Experience and the Doha Film Institute on the occasion of his visit during the 47th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival. A relationship that is set to be reinforced with the active participation of the GEX Deputy Director Manlio Castagna, who is in Doha to collaborate on the fifth edition of the Ajyal Youth Film Festival (29 November - 4 December 2017).

“The collaboration between Doha and Giffoni is a very meaningful one”, claimed the Doha Film Institute CEO Fatma Al Remahi. “This sinergy - she concluded - represents a great cultural and human value: Giffoni means knowledge, innovation and integration. The fact that there are youth from 52 countries worldwide id the best way to confront any problems that might arise”.

The Ajyal Youth Film Festival, founded and promoted by the Doha Film Institute has always been supporetd by the Giffoni Experience. The arabic word "Ajyal" means "generations", and refers to the circa 500  youth - aged between 8 and 21 - that make up its jury. The jurors are divided into three categoris:Mohaq ("new moon" for children between 8  and 12), Hilal ("growing moon" for children between 13 and 17) and Bader ("full moon" for youth between 18 and 21). 

“The collaboration with Doha has allowed us to import our model to Qatar - claimed GEX director, Claudio Gubitosi - which focuses on youth. It works because young people, notwithstanding the cultural differences, are the same everywhere”.

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