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The Giffoni juros attend Directing classes at the technology and culture centre of Kraljevika

Giffoni Experience never stops. Six jurors aged between 14 and 16, had the oportunity to breathe the exciting atmosphere of the technology and cultural centre of Kraljevika (Croatia) from 25 July to 1 August. Chaperoned by the Jury office head, Manuela De Cataldis, Noemi Ferrara, Annarita Gaudieri, Pietro Pantani, Francesco Polini, Valentina Santoro took part in several workshops – such as Fiction Film and Experimental Film - held by Croatian filmmakers.

"After forming several groups composed of various delegations we were tasked with choosing a theme to follow and develop - explained the jurors - and once we had written the treatment we were assigned a position so to create our audiovisual project". The youngsters had the opportunity to understand what it is like to be behind the camera and how much work goes into the creation of a project. "Once we had chosen the locations available in the beautiful city of Kraljevika – they continued – we were at one point studying the bect frame for that particular scene and so on. The last evening was really exciting when we finally had the chance to see the completed product on the big screen. It was a huge and learning experience which taught us so much about the world and we couldn't have done this without Giffoni".

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