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Luigi Di Maio At Gff 2017: “Giffoni Youth Are The Real Ambassadors Of The World”

“This is a wonderful place, a place where politicians learn a lot and the youth have so much to teach. Giffoni youth and patron are the real ambassadors of the world, those who keep on promoting Italy all over the world thanks to a cultural project that has been able to involve several generations so far. The statement was made by Luigi Di Maio, Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies in the Italian Parliament and a leader of the Five Star Movement, during his visit to Giffoni Cittadella and Multimedia Valley on the Festival last day.

 “This year’s theme revolves around magic and, according to Goethe,  real magic is believing in ourselves. If we believe in ourselves – Di Maio went on – we can achieve anything, and Giffoni is a living proof of that. Take Gubitosi: he’s always  believed in himself and has been able to create an amazing project”.  “Every time I come back to Giffoni  - added Vice President – I found unbelievable improvements concerning innovation. Everything started from a simple film festival here: a deep passion that little by little has led to an innovation project”.

Di Maio expressed surprise for the cultural revolution which has been taking place in the small town of the Picentini area, where young skilled people are provided the right tools for turning a passion into a real profession, and where new job opportunities arise. This should be among the government’s primary responsibilities, but here at Giffoni has been happening for years  in a forward-looking manner: “We need to export this successful model to our country in general within 15 years, when the new professions born in Giffoni will be predominant in the job market”.

Giffoni has now become a symbol of the South of Italy, a symbol of a country which can work well if  synergies are established between the single institutions: “When Italy works well, is because municipalities, provinces, regions, the government and all Europe are working well too. This is the result of an effective and virtuous cooperation between all institutions, irrespective of the different political alignments” – added Giffoni Experience Director Claudio Gubitosi.

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