Friday, 21 July 2017 16:48

Nick Robinson at GFF 2017 for the national preview of Everything, Everything

He faced the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and coped with the apocalypse in The 5th Wave: Nick Robinson kept the same seraphic calm when he met the Meet the Stars youth at Giffoni Film Festival 2017. "Experiencing the enthusiasm of the Giffoni has been amazing – said the actor – I hope it’ll be like this until the end of the Festival".

Behind his great composure, the young star hided the excitement for his debut as protagonist in Everything, Everything, that will be released on September 21st and premiered at the GFF. “The choice of the role – he said – goes beyond my character, Olly. The story is very sensitive and its message is so deep that goes beyond the screen and touches the heart of people”.

Despite his young age, he has already worked both in comedy and drama: “This has been my aim since the very beginning. I’ve jumped from indie films to blockbusters and I hope I’ll keep maturing and experimenting. Over the past years, I have accepted roles I didn’t have much in common with, but I know they gave me the chance to learn and improve”.

When one of the girls told him “I love you”, he blushed and smiled: “I had never though I could be in such an enthusiastic and creative environment on the other side of the world”. One of the jurors also asked him if he had already coped with the disadvantages of being famous: “I try not to think about it and I persist in having my daily life to keep my feet on the ground and have a serene life”.

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