Friday, 21 July 2017 16:14

Gabriele Salvatores To The Gff 2017 Jurors: "Those Who Visit Giffoni Should Stimulate The Youths"

“It’s a great responsibility to meet young people who have such important and specific dreams. Giffoni youths, and the younger generations in general, must be approached with consideration, trying every time to find the most appropriate way to separate the beauty of teaching, which aims at leaving a mark, from the beauty of educating, which rather implies bringing something out. Directors and actors who visit Giffoni should stimulate the youths, trying to bring something out of them, without imposing any specific ideas or views”. This is how director Gabriele Salvatores, who won an Academy Award for Mediterraneo, greeted the Giffoners on his arrival at the Cittadella.

A giant of contemporary cinema, as well as director of several features turned into objects of worship, Salvatores retraced, at the Giffoni Film Festival, the steps of his amazingly successful career. “The seventh art is something extremely serious”, he went on. “The magic aura which is commonly associated to cinematography could not exist without a sureness of touch, which is essential when approaching this universe. We tend to consider it as a simple means of displaying the distorted acts of acting, without knowing that filmic creation implies an endless series of perfectly valuable realities”.

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