Friday, 21 July 2017 10:20

Films in competition on July 21st

Alleged or real friendship, drugs, mystery and search for happiness lie at the heart of the films in competition on Friday 21st July.  The day starts at 10am in Sala Truffaut with THE LION GIRLS (Norway, 2016) that, directed by Vibeke Idsøe and reserved to Generator +13, is based on best seller The Lion Woman telling the story of Eva, who was born covered in hair. At the same time, in Sala Lumière, WINFRIED (Germany, 2016) will be screened for Generator +18. The short by Jana Lenhard, Christopher Vogt e Victoria Sandvoß tells about Winfried’s unrestrained quest for happiness. The short is followed by the screening of GARDEN LANE (Sweden, 2017), the first film by Swedish director Olof Spaak: Eric and Elin reminisce about a magic childhood Summer, when they were little and their parents were on drugs. At 2.30pm in Sala Truffaut (Generator +16) HANDSOME DEVIL (Ireland, 2016) by John Butler follows the troubled friendship between Conor and Ned. In Sala Alberto Sordi (Elements +10), ROOM 213 (Sweden, 2017) by Emelie Lindblom reveals the mystery of room 213 and a ghost wandering the corridors. In Sala Lumière (Elements +6) THE CHILDREN OF GENGHIS (Mongolia, 2017) directed by Zolbayar Dorj deals with Mongolian people’s racehorses through the story of Bold, Dorj and Byambaa.

Little Elements +3 jurors will judge eight shorts in competition starting from 7pm in Sala Alberto Sordi. DARK, DARK WOODS (Denmark, 2017) by Emilie Gignoux tells about the adventures of princess Maria, who is tired of real life. The short is followed by playful bear Teddy in EASYGOING TEDDY (Croatia, 2017) by Tomislav Gregl.LOONEY FOODZ (Italy, 2017) by Italian film director Paolo Gaudio focuses on food and drink’s feelings in the fridge of an apartment block; tired of North Pole cold, the protagonist of THE PENGUIN (France, 2016) will take the jurors through his journey to the tropics. THE POCKET MAN (France, 2016) by Ana Chubinidze is the story of the friendship between a homeless and an old man. SABAKU (Netherlands, 2016) by Marlies van der Wel talks about Sabaku and his buffalo friend. THE SLED (Russia, 2016) by Olesya Shchukina shows the discoveries of a curious squirrel. TOINE (France, 2016) by Hays Narbonne Aymeric focuses on a farmer who is bedridden after a car accident.

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