Thursday, 20 July 2017 20:28

Carolina Crescentini: "At Giffoni Ideas Can Be Excnged”

 “At Giffoni I’ve always been asked the best questions”: that’s how Carolina Crescentini opened her meeting with the youths who were crowding Sala Truffaut, during the 7th day of the Giffoni Film Festival 2017.  Actress was more than willing to satisfy the Generator jurors’ curiosity, and  freely answered their questions on both professional and technical topics. 

She went on complaining about the deep impact of social media on the relationship between artists and their audience: “There’s a strange illness behind social media. I’m not at all sure that everybody should be entitled to express their opinions. It’s a provocation, I know, but sometimes I ask myself where are the people who keep on yelling behind the screen of a computer. They surely don’t take to the streets, otherwise many things would have changed by now in our country”.

At Giffoni, on the other hand,  people get to know each other and  you can breathe a totally different atmosphere: “The greatest thing about this festival is that here ideas can be exchanged and doubts expressed, which in my opinion is the only way you can learn how to think”. Crescentini showed to be really enjoying her comeback to Giffoni: “I’ve seen Bryan Cranston passing by! Please let me meet him, I want to become a friend of Walter White’s!” – she exclaimed with a broad smile on her face, the very same smile brightening the face of the young jurors come to meet her. And then,  like magic, the actress turned into a Giffoner: that’s the magic of Giffoni.  

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