Thursday, 20 July 2017 20:14

Bryan Cranston at GFF 2017: “Let the passion push you forward”

Bryan Cranston’s contagious friendliness enchanted the Cittadella at Giffoni Film Festival. The actor spread his enthusiasm during his meeting with the jurors, just before receiving the Giffoni Experience Award.  “Getting into a room and seeing thousands smiling faces makes my life better”, commenced the actor. After a few questions about Breaking Bad, many jurors asked how he usually chooses the projects to work on: “The starting point is the story – answered the actor – it has to mean something to me otherwise I don’t choose it. I also try to understand the role my character plays and whether it’s functional or not to the development of the story. If all of this works out, then I am willing to do it”.

The emotional and temperamental affinity between the actor and the character is a gut issue as well: “When it comes to playing Walter White – he underlined – we have little in common. When this occurs, I focus on my imaginative and curious attitude”. As for the pressure of being a model to follow, he replied: “If this happens, it’s just a side effect of my job. I feel honoured, especially in situations like this in which I come in touch with the future generations of the artistic and cinematic world. I’d like to give you a piece of advice: if you want to be part of this world, make sure you’re pushed by a great passion. Find what makes you happy and follow that path, whatever it is”.

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