Thursday, 20 July 2017 09:56

Films in competition on July 20

Screenings start at 10:00 in Sala Lumière with THE SMOKE (Russia, 2017) for Generator +18 section. The film, directed by Ivan Plechev, focuses on a father and a son, who hide many secrets from each other. To follow, at 10:15 in Sala Truffaut, is WHITE BLESSING (Mongolia, 2016) by Sengedorj Janchivdorj, dedicated to Generator +13 jurors. This is based on the true story of Sumiya Dorjsuren, who competes in the 57 kg and ranks world number one judoka according to the Olympic ranking qualification in Rio Olympics 2016.

At 10:30 in Sala Lumière, Generator +18 jurors are called to express their critical judgement on CAT SKIN (UK, 2017) by British director and writer Daniel Grasskamp. When shy Cat, a 17-year-old photography student, meets beautiful and outgoing April between the two blossoms just love, but it  will lead to tragic evets that will impact their lives.

MASTER SPY (The Netherlands, 2016) by Pieter van Rijn is on schedule at 14:30 in Sala Lumière for Elements +6 section. The film tells the story of Tim, who moves to an old hotel on the coast with his family. Tim finds it hard to get used to his new home until he meets Simon (a former spy hibernated in 1974 and just woken up) and gets involved in his amazing adventures.

Screenings go on at 14:30 in Sala Alberto Sordi with QUEEN OF NIENDORF (Germany, 2017), dedicated to Elements +10 children. The feature by  Joya Thome focuses on young Lea and the outings of five boys, who have built a house on a tree and don’t allow any girls to join their gang. But Lea wants to be part of it very badly and does something for a dare.

At the same time (14:30) Sala Truffaut hosts the screening for Generator +16 section: BEFORE THE ROOSTER CROWS (Puerto Rico, 2016) by Arì Maniel Cruz, about the difficult relationship between teenager Carmìn and her grandmother Gloria. Their delicate balance will be further upset by the arrival of  Carmin’s father, just released from prison.

At 14:45 in Sala Vittorio De Sica is the turn of THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL (Spain, 2017), a documentary by Pau Ortiz dedicated to Gex Doc jurors. When their mother is imprisoned, Ale and Rocio struggle to keep the family together, going through very hard times. But just as they start to lose hope, the family’s life takes  an unexpected twist.

Last but not least are 7 shorts, on schedule at 19 in Sala Alberto Sordi for  Elements +6 kids.  GENO (Georgia, 2017) by Dato Kiknavelidze, is about a grumpy, reclusive toad and his relationship with humans. HEDGEHOG’S HOME (Canada, 2016) by Eva Cvijanovic is based on a classic fairytale by former Yugoslavia writer Branko Ćopić. Next up is KOYAA – NAUGHTY TOY CAR (Slovenia, 2017) by Kolja Saksida. It’s a rainy day and Koyaa decides to tidy up his room. In the background, the Raven is sizing up a wooden plank for his new birdhouse.  A toy car left behind will weave the two stories together. There’s a lot of magic in NEW TOY (Brazil, 2017) by Rogerio Boechat, following a teddy bear that becomes a child’s best friend. OUR WONDERFUL NATURE – THE COMMON CHAMELEON (Germany, 2016) by Tomer Eshed describes the feeding habits of a chameleon as never seen before, while TWO TRAMS (Russia, 2016) by Svetlana Andrianova is about Klick e Tram, two city trams that leave their camp every morning in search for new adventures. Finally is THE UNICORN (France, 2016) by Rémi Durin, the story of a unicorn and his extraordinary powers. 

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