Wednesday, 19 July 2017 13:26

At Giffoni 2017 Pasquale Campopiano presents #nerosurosso, his book about the sale of AC Milan to Chinese investors

For the first time in the Campania Region, at the 47th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival, journalist Pasquale Campopiano presented his debut book - published by Ultra - focusing on the most intriguing financial spy story in the football world of the latest years: the sale of Silvio Berlusconi’s AC Milan football club to Chinese investors. #nerosurosso reveals what went on behind the scenes of the spy story: it’s a story inside the story, following the journalist in both his hardest and most exciting days, during the long journey after the final signature. Berlusconi’s doubts, the great aura of mystery surrounding new AC Milan President Yonghong Li, the repeated media attacks against the Chinese investors, the breakaway from advisor Sal Galatioto, Hedge Fund Manager Elliott’s arrival on the scene, and most of all the Rossoneri fans left in suspense for long.

Campopiano took millions of fans “to hell”, to the Devil’s house, proving all the power of journalism 3.0 in the social media time, through the 72 million views got by his twitter account. The book cover was created by a genuine Giffoner as well as a friend of the Festival for many years: Gian Maria Tesauro, a RAI Production Technician with a passion for arts and illustration. At Giffoni Cittadella, the journalist decided to disclose to the Rossoneri supporters all the secrets of the “deal” which has been headline news all over the world.

“I decided on the Festival for the official presentation of my book in Campania, because I feel at home here – said Campopiano. I’ve been working here for almost 20 years, together with well-known journalist Tonino Pinto, and each time it’s like magic”.

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